Help from Japan needed due to a Fedex delivery screw up

Update: As of now I seem to be able to solve the problem with fedex employees from japan, I am praying it will work out in the right way.

Hello, this is very important to me and I am thankful for anyone who can help from Japan since 2 Fedex packages are on its way back from germany to japan yokohama fedex station due to a Fedex screw up.

I got screwed by my fedex driver in germany who ghosted me/didnt kept his promise of coordinating a delivery attempt for my two parcels which I delivered to germany after being at Worlds2023.
Instead of delivering the parcels at a later date the parcels went straight back to japan (yokohama fedex ) and I couldnt intervene due to the german customerservice being basically non existent.

I cannot afford to loose the 2 packages since the value is high from my perspective and means a lot to me. I could not look at my collection with a smile anymore if these packages would get lost/destroyed.

My best shot is finding a japanese person who can talk with the office and possibly redeliver the package to exactly the same adress.
If its not possible to contact an actual person from fedex japan ( +81120003200 ) the only choice might be for someone to go to that place and ask in person for the package, and tell them to keep it/contact them when its there.

If you may be able to help, please contact me on discord/Instagram/forum.

many many thanks in advance to anyone who can offer me any help, no matter if you can talk with them via phone or visit the fedex point in person.
I will try to solve it personally tomorrow, I am worried that this wont work but I will give it a try


The topic is solved for now! Fedex japan was able to help me and the packages are on their way to me, if I can trust tracking.