DHL Stress Venting

I was supposed to receive a package that was out for delivery today that was quite expensive (my largest purchase ever).
While I was outside in front of my door watering flowers around 12:30pm, when I get an email saying my package has been delivered and signed for. I didn’t see anyone delivering anything, nothing there.
I check their proof of delivery/signature page, and they show a picture of two packages in front of some unrecognizable door. The top package seems to be mine, and the bottom one is some large package that isn’t mine. I’m under the assumption that the driver delivered this persons package, and put mine with it by accident. So I open a customer service report.
Then at 2:00pm a driver comes to my place and rings the doorbell and by the time I get to the door I see them driving away so I couldn’t talk to them. They left the invoice for the import duties and fees at my door, but no package. First of all, I had already paid the import fees and and duties online several days ago. Secondly, I’ve never received the duties invoice separate from a package before, so them driving over the deliver this makes no sense to me. It feels so weird/fishy and I’m really stressed out.
So now I got an email from the customer service rep at dhl saying they’ll contact me by june 30. I paid g&s and I’m pretty sure the seller insured the package, but ugh I never had this happen and I’ve never made such a large purchase before, so I’m super stressed and wanted to vent.

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Because of Japan’s postage being down, I was forced to use DHL on a zenmarket package. I’ve been waiting since March 18th and am still waiting. Meanwhile, my middle shipped a package via UPS and I received it 3 days later.

Something similar to that, happened to me as well.

I ordered a package from someone in Italy, it arrived via DHL… to someone like 2 miles away from me. Thankfully because of customs forms reasons I guess, I had included my phone number and the person who it got sent to opened the package and called my phone number.

I had received her package (but, I didn’t open hers) and we met up and swapped our stuff. First and only time I have used DHL to my knowledge - and hopefully the last lol

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Sorry to hear about the bad DHL experiences. They’re famous for failing the delivery in the “last mile”. I’ve had their delivery person failed to find my home address 2 times before they got it right. Luckily, they didn’t leave the package at a random home but left a system note that my address is incorrect… I had to explain to their customer service multiple times before they sent a sensible enough person to find my address.

But I also found that when they got these stupid things right, they’re the fastest international service I’ve ever used, very conflicting, lol.


I ordered about $500 worth of random stuff from China about six months ago maybe a year. Anyways they used the same delivery service. I also got the picture of my package at a strange house saying it’s delivered. Anyways I got them on the phone because I was mad as hell. With in 5 minutes of being on the phone I get a knock at the door. It’s DHL with my package. At first I thought it was my fault but apparently they clearly tried to deliver to the wrong address as well. But I did receive my order Edit it was DHGate I ordered from but they did use DHL for delivery.

I’m actually very surprised to hear these things because I’ve only had very positive experiences with DHL so far and I’ve used them various times in the past 3 months or so as many Japanese sellers switched to DHL. But then again I’m from Finland so things can be different on our end after the package has arrived to the country than somewhere else.


Seems like receiving DHL in the US is a huge mess. I´m in Germany, DHL is the premiere and imo best carrier here (aside from maybe FEDEX in some cases), have ordered at least a few hundred packages the last year or two and had no problems at all.


Yeah, same for me in Sweden. I have never had any issues with DHL and its often the carrier of choice for me even if they are more expensive in certain situations.


i’ve got 4 items missing from Japan and 1 from China at the moment. Been waiting since March also

A little over a month ago I used DHL to ship some items from Japan.

I paid for DHL International Express ($50), which was the only service my middleman was offering. When tracking showed the day it was being delivered, I waited the entire day for the package to arrive.

Half way through the day tracking showed “delivered” and the Proof or Signature is blank. I attempted to call Customer Service but they had already closed and wouldn’t be open till the following Monday.

I finally get to speak to someone on Monday (3 days after my package has been misdelivered). They tell me they know where it’s at, and they’re waiting for the company to find it and return it to them. Their excuse being “it looked like other packages we normally deliver there”,

Another 3 days pass and the company hasn’t returned it to them. They give me the address to go and try and talk to them myself. Turns out they delivered it to a FREAKING NIKE WAREHOUSE. So I go and drive there, but turns out Shipping and Receiving is working random days, so I wasn’t even able to talk to anyone but security.

FINALLY, after two weeks they give the package back to DHL, and I get a call from my rep saying they’ll be sending to me the following day.

The following day, THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENS AND THEY MISDELIVER IT TO NIKE AGAIN. The driver had to drive back and get it again before they close, drop it off to me and his excuse was “Sorry, it looked like packages I normally deliver there”.

so with that all being said, I have a little bit of anxiety using DHL now :blush:


I’ve only used DHL twice, and while I got my packages very quickly both times, I still prefer not to use them. Both times my package was supposedly “out for delivery” and it didn’t come until the following day, so I basically waited around for nothing. The only good thing I hear about them is that they deliver very quickly, which does seem to be true for the most part. However, I’ve read about way too many people running into issues with them, so it gives me anxiety when I have to use them.

Sorry to hear about your situation. It definitely sounds stressful.

I will add my DHL order was to a apartment complex in Florida.

I got my package today. My fucking heart oh my god. This message gave me hope.

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