How much would you pay for....

Hey all. I saw this list of cards up for grabs on Craigslist. I’m new to the newer cards so I’m not sure how much each are worth. Apparently these are in “very good condition”. How much would you pay for these cards personally?

This list is copied and pasted from the actual ad:

full art zekrom

lugia ex

xerneas ex

darkrai ex

yvetal ex

shayman ex

plain darkrai,

victini ex

deoxys ex

When i’m unsure how much to pay for a particular card, I go on ebay and browse the ‘sold’ listings so i can see roughly what other people are paying. However, since pokemon cards are collectables, its hard to pin point an exact value for any one card. The ebay thing definetly helps ballpark though :blush:

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Are they all new are any promos?

just do what hapy said

Get pictures. “Very good condition” means absolutely nothing.

Especially on Craigs. :stuck_out_tongue: