How much is a 1st EDITION KOREAN Gem Mint 10 Blastoise Worth

hEY GUYs so Im just wondering How much is a 1st EDITION KOREAN Gem Mint 10 Blastoise Worth?? There is one up on ebay and Im trying to get my hands on it -

@zhongwen might you know?

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It’s worth whatever you will pay for it!

Sorry but there isn’t much to go off as I believe it’s the first one I’ve seen for sale. I graded the PSA 10 venusaur to go with it, and that has a pop count of 1…

Sorry not much help but things like this don’t have a worth until you buy it.


That is @kkthxbai Blastoise here on the forums I’m sure he has a best offer price

I graded that Blastoise for @kkthxbai!


im sure you can get it cheaper from him by arranging a deal away from ebay to skip the fees

༼ つ ಥ_ಥ ༽つ I’m wanting the Blastoicemess, but there be no market to know the pricidge. There was a mint 9 charizard that went for 306US so I don’t know where that leaves me. Mint 9’s seem to be about 50 bucks on average.

I want this card badly. If i had the spare cash even then i would maybe pay it. but i would try to get a deal if possible.

To those chasing the PSA 10’s like me, it ma be worth it to them at this price as Korean psa 10 cards like this rarely come up for sale, there are not many graded at Gem Mint and it would be the only way to complete that PSA 10 set. As mentioned it is only worth what you are will to pay for it.

Even though i have about 28 1st edtion Korean Base set holos going for PSA grading this month, i’m hoping but not guaranteed the grades i want so I’m try to save up as much as i can so that i can be ready for when cards like this pop up

You going via Ludkins again mate? I have a complete set of Korean 1st edition to send in as soon as I get back to the UK. Hoping for more 10s!

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I am indeed going via ludkins as price of membership and delivery cost is way too high. I’ll be sending one full set of holos plus extra ones

You could always try the new forum grading service? Scott only wants $10 per card which is still cheaper than the £7.99 that barney wants for 50 cards, only difference is the shipping but for 50 cards you are saving £78 on barney’s price which easily covers shipping costs for you :blush:


it’s worth what someone will pay for it. I personally wouldn’t pay more than $500. Now if it was unlimited…


Yeah, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to discuss price of my auctions in threads… But it’s open to offers as is everything on my ebay. I just place the maximum threshold figure, to cover myself, and usually accept alot lower than my asking prices.

Anyone who has broken chinese or korean booster packs could definitely tell you that a very high % of holograms have corner Freying.
I’m sure @zhongwen can vogue.

We spend thousands on boxes… Break a pack… And oh dam… All holograms have corner Freying or back edge wear, or a printer defect feathered surface scratch… It’s just terrible.

I sent a small quantity to psa. Around 30+ and only 1 ten came back (: the pop count on the card is 2 worldwide.

So yeah, lots of factors involved with pricing… Price of booster boxes, chance that a break would have a non freyed card… And population of the grade.
It’s alot scarce than 1st edition english.

End of the day it’s subjective… To ones intrinsic response to the artwork / piece itself. And I’m open to hear any offers, no offence will ever be taken.


I sense some wars may begin on this baby

I seriously never thought these would ever be worth anything. I was sure wrong about that:(
Believe me, I have loads of them stored and they’re all fresh.
I’ll be watching how these do over the months then grade some if it makes sense,


Gary sell me 1 set of fresh ones ungraded always ill hunt you down… I give you good monrae for them.

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I think my offer tops everybodies that I threw at dis dude last night… What do you reckon guys?:
Okay so just a few of the full arts I have to offer:

6 UR FULL ART GOLD Japanese 1st ed RAYQUAZA XY7 - resell value - 125-150 AUD EACH

3 Groundon FULL ART GOLD 1st ed XY7 - Resell value - 100AUD EACH

4 KyoGRE FULL ART 1st ed XY7 - Resell Value - 100 AUD each

There was alisting that I offered which includes about 100EX cards IN gem Mint condition, including many Old school ex that i was going to grade that should get 10’s. Plus 3 complete sets of e-series Holo’s That Im confident will get gem mint 10’s - 1st ed.

This would be a total value of over 3,000 In my own opinion, I know I spent more than 1200 and all that stuff in the listing, then the PSA Cards you can sell for at least in a worst case scenario 1600. It might take a while, but If you put those UR up for higher price you will make more than 1600… I’m sure of it. I was going to sell the shit out of the UR PSA cards, but I don’t think i will be able to sell all that stuff before someone steels that stoisemess from me.

Even graded PSA10, those Rayquaza are not selling anywhere near $150.

Ungraded are worth like $30AU tops. The Kyogre and Groudon maybe a little less.

Yeah but if you seen the other stuff I have in that listing its insain. It cost me about 1500 and it took me a year to get it all. Its gem mint. about 100 EX cards/ e-series/ old school stuff. Hunted down through some of the best sellers/collectors.

I already have too much monrae;)


1 Million dollans for non-frayed frsh korean base goodness.