How do i keep the value of my booster packs

Hello guys,
I want to collect some rare booster packs and keep them sealed. I was wondering how i can keep them in a good condition for decades ? Do you have any idea or advice what’s the best way to do so ?

Thanks in advance =)

It costs money but I actually think you can have them sealed at PSA. I’ve seen sealed psa packs anyways.

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  1. Regular binder
  2. Postcard size inserts/pages that you can get from any Philately shop/seller, I think even Ultra Pro does them.

The packs will stay flat, clean from dust and whatever else.

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But they bend over the flaps.

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I’m still looking for the answer to this myself. Do share any great finds.

I’ve considered sealing them off in small, appropriately sized ziploc bags from the hobby store and storing them between cardboard slats in a fitted box. But this is hardly favorable for the sake of enjoying them.

This how i keep mine sealed in cellophane bags for PSA cards. Still need to find some sort of box to store em though.

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Are you using

If you are talking decades then I would suggest mylar bags. They are used to store comic books and last a lot longer than typical poly plastic bags. I have seen 20-30 year old poly bags that have stored comics and let me tell you it ain’t pretty!

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Ultra-PRO 2 pages for blisters

Ultra-PRO 4 pages for packs

Clamshell cases may be ideal for this purpose.

I used the below linked company for a similar custom order. They were affordable and met every deadline.
They have stock sizes but none perfect for packs I don’t think so you all can design your own size.


All the methods shown look quite nice and neat.

Those clam shells look cool though, they can probably stack nicely and be put on display.

Mate, what a fantastic idea!

A bit pricey, the closest to booster is .33 each and you need to buy 2 cases of 350 each. Blister size is .53 each, a case is almost $160

Of which you can on-sell to Booster collectors.

Maybe get the size which will fit both packs and PSA cases. Dual purpose. Then 20 of us could put up equal amounts and split the total.


A instagram user Aronthepokemon has 4 thick folder using these ultrapro pages full of pokemon booster packs

Damn, maybe I should invest in something better than my simple shoes storage box:nerd_face:

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@linkdu83 that’s a pretty sweet shoebox tho :wink:

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Hopefully it does not smell like old gym sneakers.

I know that there are toploaders thick enough to fit booster packs BUT they are unfortunately not long enough.
Ultrapro made tall toploaders though but only in a very thin size, (Which fits opened ones perfectly) but it really sucks that there’s not a combination of those two that are both long and thick! (Pun not intended :stuck_out_tongue:)
Would be sweet to be able to store boosters in toploaders+ maybe graded card sleeves :blush: