How did you come up with your username?



My dad gave me the nickname “Bash” when I was a kid and pretty much everyone called me that. 2112 is an Album from the band Rush. Which is my Dads favorite band and the first live concert I went too.


My earliest gaming handle was bboyrob in Starcraft. I used to breakdance, and of course, as a kid, I thought it made me cool, so I incorporated it (bboy) in my username.

When we started playing Warcraft, I think bboyrob might have been taken, or I just wanted to change things up a bit, and I think one person had mistakenly called me bbobrob in the old days. I liked how it sounded, so that’s what I use as a username for a majority of things these days.


being a b boy DID make you cool. And it still does! I’ve worked with a few decently successful ones: BEST DANCE BATTLES EVER! (Usually more fun than my tap and irish dance battles. IDK how we make tap vs break work, but it works!)


I wanted something meaningless, that sounds good and has mechanical and tropical vibes.
So I created a list with hundreds of combinations and eventually picked this one.

Why? I really don’t know lol


Mine has two origins:

  1. I had a wonderful high school English teacher. She taught us to write with purpose and meaning. For her, crafting a compelling piece of writing was analogous with making a tall glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. The pulp in orange juice represents the depth and substance of the writing, the carefully chosen words, vivid descriptions, and well-researched facts that give the text its texture and flavor. Without this pulp, the juice would be thin and bland, just as a piece of writing lacking substance would leave the reader unsatisfied. That pulpy metaphor has stuck with me all these years.

  2. I like Pulp Fiction.


Mine is pretty obvious, I’d hope. :face_with_monocle:

But for those of you who somehow don’t know what “swole” means,



adjective: swole; adjective: swoll

  1. extremely muscular (used especially of a man).

“if you’re swole you’ll look good in anything”

So using the Pokemon named Slowpoke, it’s combined to make my name into a play on words.


My name’s Bernd & when I was little, my dad used to call me Berndus in Latin fashion sometimes.

Independently people in school just started calling me Berndos early on, I made it my gamer tag and such & so it stuck. Especially now that he’s gone, it’s nice to have that part still with me.

For most people online, Bern-dos is much easier to pronounce than Bernd as well, though many stick to Bern anyway it seems :thinking:


Look, it’s me, a wild Clara! It’s actually also a pun on my full name lol. Originally it was my sister’s idea. :slight_smile:


My name has its jokes on discord:

Gengar: for being one of my favorite Pokémon

Brigade: back in 2020 I used to watch a lot of Lootbox TV and they coined the word mostly on every video and I thought it was interesting.

Or Jolteonbrigade

For the same reasons above.


When I created a WoW account a long time ago I wanted a new username. I had no clue what it should be so I started to look around in my room saw a bottle of nose spray. I started to read the ingredients on the bottle and noticed one of them was “xylometazoline” and that is how Xylometa was born :smile: