How big are Pokemon World Championships and how much staff would they need?

I’ve never been to a World Championship so it’s hard for me to settle on a number. According to Google Bard, there’d be an estimated 10,000 attendees at Pokemon Worlds and about 500 staff members would be needed to organize and run the event. What do you think about these numbers? Do you think there’s also 500-ish of the staff promos, 1000, 2000?
I know 2004, and 2007 are the hardest to find but does anyone have a solid guess on the total amount of staff stamped cards printed for a specific year? The PSA pops are quite low but I’m wondering if I’m just being deceived by a niche set.


2004 I believe is near 300 competitors
2007 is close to 200 competitors. There definitely will be less staff than players (I think just like a restaurant) but some years have been getting multiple staff or placements cards.

You can check out through the search on some of the other worlds discussions on specific years around placement stamps, but this an interesting discussion around how many staff are there per year


I definitely feel that it was a bit of a niche set but has recently been catching wind and I’ve been noticing more and more people getting into these cards. From what I’ve noticed at the past 2023 Worlds, some of the Staff cards on Insta and ebay were a bit off centered, but still fetching pretty high raw prices.

I’ve also never been to Worlds but will definitely be attending 2024 since its in my neck of the woods. Ha, I’d even volunteer to help out if it meant I could get a staff card (even if I had to be a janitor or door attendant :sweat_smile:) but I bet they have their own internal pool of people they ask.


Every year will be different. 500 staff feels about right for Yokohama but also each staff member was given 4 copies and I’m certain there will also be a number of extras produced.

The 2000s tournaments were quaint by today’s standards though