How Beat Up Will They Be..?

So long story short, I made an impulse buy at around 4am last week. Almost complete Shadowless Holo set, unfortunately no Blastoise and Venusaur, but it was about $20 per card + shipping and customs. That’s actually the only picture provided.

Total gamble and shot and the dark, but I figured worst case scenario I have $200-$250 worth of cards($10 holos and a beat up zard) and the upside can be upwards of $1000(most unlikely).

Normally, I’d contact the seller and ask for clear pictures of specific cards or to at least see the backs but I was leaving for work and had a feeling that lot would be long gone by the time I got an answer. I never do stuff like this, but it was cheap and it’s the only way to get a deal or perhaps score some of my missing PSA 9s if I’m lucky.

Anyone cares to make a bold prediction on the condition of these cards, or specific ones like Charizard? I should be receiving these Friday or early next week. I’ll update you guys with some scans.

I am guessing Zard is 7 worthy and there’s at least 1 Mint card in there… Raichu pls, no factory lines. :grin:(I’m actually expecting 5-6 across the board)


It might just be due to the poor photography, but that huge white spot at the bottom of the Charizard would cause me some concern…

Would need to see the listing to get an idea of what kind of seller you bought it from, it matters a lot.

If my memory serves me correctly, either this guy used to list the cards with a picture of the backs with no takers or I messaged him asking for pics of the back and they were a bit scary looking. But I could be confusing this user with a different one. Good luck though :smiley: and of course you’ll have to update this thread with pics when they arrive :sunglasses:

Edit: searched my messages, wasn’t him with the picture of the scary lookin’ backs - fingers crossed!

Ah, that’s good.

But UltraPro puts logos on their sleeves? Ugh. :sweat:

Shadowless Base Set Pokemon Lot

The guy isn’t much of a collector, seems to be occasionally selling Pokemon product… I’m guessing he’s buying locally for cheap and flips it on ebay. When I asked about condition, he just said the cards were not damaged but a few have minor white edging. Whatever that means… lol

He has a Blastoise that is quite beat up in a binder lot he’s selling. I don’t know if it comes from the same place as these though.

He said similar lots in worse shape sell for $400 or so… We will see. These cards can go anywhere from $10-150 each(not even dreaming of a Gem Mint there). Really curious about the Zard though.

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You got one thing going for it: I don’t see any silvering on any off the cards in this terrible SD photograph =)

I don’t see any negative marks, so you might very well he lucky :wink:

GL for minty shadowlesses

I can’t imagine they’d be NM but I think I might have taken the chance myself. As long as they weren’t totally creased and crazy white edges on each side I would have kept them and completed the set with Blastoise/Venusaur.

Good Luck, hope it works out :blush:

That holo circle thing is for playing sleeves. The sleeves are a bit more durable than collector sleeves and don’t get damaged so much when you shuffle. You have two types of good quality sleeves. The soft ones that protect the card very well but are not suited for play. and the sturdy ones that you can shuffle easly but are not made to protect the card perfectly. In the long run it prob doesn’t even matter when it comes to protection but I prefere softsleeves for valuable cards.

That’s the plan really. My expectations are quite low. I intend to complete this holo set, I already have a nearly completed graded one in PSA 9. I don’t have $40,000 for a PSA 10 set. :slightly_frowning_face:

The centering looks alright on every card except Nidoking, and as some of you mentioned there doesn’t seem to be silvering or bent up corners and such… We shall see soon! He also added bonus cards which I’m curious about.

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All the best my friend.

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Even if they are a lightly played, I still think you paid a good price. NM or higher for any of them will just be a nice bonus

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So I received the package today and I figured I would update you guys.

I’m not going to bother scanning the cards, as they’re pretty much what one would expect to get at that price point. A bunch of played cards with the exception of 1 or 2 that are VLP/borderline NM(7-8), unforunately that was not the Charizard. lol

Maybe next time… :grin:

Edit: I guess I can at least show the Zard.


Nothing ventured, nothing gained my friend. Next time you could receive 8 PSA 10s;)


Haha. You bet I will! This was actually very exciting.

After having a closer look, there’s 3 that are NM. Some of the other ones are really beat up, but I expected this.

So funny story…I actually ended up selling this lot to this same seller around a month or so ago! Unfortunately the cards average excellent (PSA 5) condition. The alakazam is the best looking and is actually pretty mint. The zard looks like a 6 at best.

I wish I had seen this thread earlier, but for reference I’ve linked my sold listing here!

EDIT: I didn’t realize you got the cards in the mail already! So you already know what they look like. Just ignore me :blush:



Yeah that deep scratch on the front of the Zard though… Poor card. :slightly_frowning_face: I’d probably give it a 5. Not sure what these go for, at least $100 I guess.

That Alakazam does look pretty damn good, but centering is a bit off. Definitely an 8. There are a couple others, Mewto, Ninetales and Hitmonchan are 7 worthy possible 8. It’s not a total disaster, I’m just going to keep the set and complete with a cheap Blastoise and Venusaur.