Homemade Pokeball Deck Boxes

I wanted to share something I’ve been working on for the past week or so. A post from someone else about a deck box that looks like a pokeball got me thinking about all the different pokeballs that exist throughout the series, and then I started wondering how they’d look as a deck box collection.

So far I’ve completed:
* Pokeball
* Love Ball
* Master Ball
* Friend Ball

I could have probably done better of I had a cutting machine, but I don’t, so I had to cut all the vinyl pieces by hand. I plan on doing more of these as my collection grows, so if people are interested I can post updates as I add new “pokeballs” to my collection.


Looks neat and clean, nicely done!

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They look really cool Sarah! The Master ball one is my favorite :blush:

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:heart_eyes_cat::ok_hand: I have a regular deck box… Never thought to customize it! Another project!!! Ps. @lucid , The fur at joanns is expensive :laughing:

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Ooooo a furry Eevee deck box could be adorable!

No I had a purse I was going to sew fur:

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