Cool Pokemon related gifts/custom items

I wasn’t sure if this was the right board but I thought it would be cool to share some gifts I’ve received over the years from friends that knew I was into Pokemon stuff. I got the idea from the illustrations that we all did for secret santa and thought maybe others had received cool custom gifts that we could share!

The first two are Plushies that my long time friend made me for Christmas and my birthday this year

The last one is a just a little artwork someone I talked to for a bit did for me but I still think its really cool!


Sort of related:

Over my 4 day holiday weekend, I was cleaning out the garage and was pressured by my wife to either use the stack of scrap wood that has been there for over a year or throw it away. I decided to build a box that could store PSA cards. I didn’t make any plans or even use a tape measure - just started building. I’m a VERY amateur woodworker by the way. Started Sunday night and finished Tuesday morning. Used general sizing of the Cardsaver I box, but made it taller.

I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. It can hold 22 cards if stacked in one row or 24 cards if split into 2 rows.