Pokemon Desk Set-up! (with Images)

Hi Folks,

I’ve been in the Pokemon collecting scene for a long-time (buyer, seller, collector), so when I finally decided to rebuild my studio/office, I knew I wanted to incorporate a Pokemon theme. Just for clarification, I am a high school teacher, but have also freelanced my own video production company for about a decade (mainly sports highlight videos). This summer I plan to start my own Pokemon YouTube channel (thus the logo), mainly highlighting some of my collection and sharing my stories/experiences . . . anyway, a couple highlights from my set-up:

First: The Charizard and Blastoise drawings were both hand-drawn gifts from my sister-in-law. She was one of my neighbors and best friends growing-up and used to run a TCG league with my older brother and me. As we grew older, she and my brother started dating and eventually got married (I’m the proud godfather of both their children ages 9 and 7). I’m taking them to Detective Pikachu this week :slightly_smiling_face:

Second: I have a Worlds Pikachu plushie on the shelf from my E4 Secret Santa two years ago (I think it was from jjnoriega, but I don’t remember for sure). Nevertheless, it is one of my treasured possessions!

Third: I have some of my collection on display, including my original Badgebook from when I started playing the card game in 1999 and my Gym Leader shirt and stamp when I helped run a local TCG league.

Thanks for reading all! Feel free to shoot any feedback, suggestions, or questions you might have.

-Pokemon Classics


Holy poop! Sweet collection!


this totally rules.

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This is amazing and is similar to what I’ve been wanting to do! I hate the idea of my collection full of cards that I absolutely love just sitting in a dark storage container. I want to be able to display my collection in a way as beautiful as this! Did you hand build your displays or purchase them from somewhere?


The PSA card displays are available on Amazon in a variety of different sizes and wood finishes . . . they are pretty affordable (about $80) and can accommodate up to 36 graded cards. They include a key and have lockable latches. I highly recommend them, but would encourage anyone displaying their collection to keep them away from sunlight; my office is in a windowless room in my basement and generally dark.

Link: www.amazon.com/Lockable-Football-Baseball-basketball-cards-OAK/dp/B0033RZM00/ref=sr_1_7?crid=1DVG5Q0CWNNR&keywords=psa+display+case&qid=1557694242&s=gateway&sprefix=psa+displa%2Chpc%2C147&sr=8-7


Thank you for the link! I’ll definitely be considering those! and for sure far away from sunlight. I just want to openly enjoy my collection and to let visitors who also enjoy pokemon to enjoy it as well!

Absolutely gorgeous setup. This is the kind of stuff that I think most collectors dream of having. Hell of a collection, and a great way to display and enjoy your cards–way better than a binder, that’s for sure. Enjoy it, man! Awesome job


This is absolutely fantastic.

Amazing job, my friend!

This is so inspiring! Awesome job! :blush:

Super awesome display! Your shadowboxes are Godly

Very nice set up! Love the layout!

Well done PC, and your sister in law is a real talent.

That’s soooo cool! It would nice to have a displays as your some day! Congratulations!