Holy Grail of Venusaur?

What would be considered the most sought after Venusaur tcg related product? I would assume English Base Set 1st edition shadowless?

Is there an obscure venusaur card/item that is so rare nobody even knows about it, or something I just aint thinking of?

How about a Japanese alternative? Japanese cards tend to be cheaper, and I like the idea of the Japanese card actually being the first one (base set etc). In that case, did Japanese cards have the same sort of things like 1st edition/shadowless?

I think you’re right about 1st Edition Base for Venusaur or you could go after the No Rarity Japanese Base Venusaur. If you like Bulbasaur, then I think it’s the Japanese Snap Bulbasaur.

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I’d say no rarity PSA 10 for japanese and 1st edition base grey stamp PSA 10 for english


The Black Star Promo one is borderline impossible to get in PSA 10… maybe that’s up there.


Whats a grey stamp?

Sadly the other 2 starters have more obscure alternatives than venusaur, with the FPO for both and the Trainer B Deck for Blastoise (and the MTG prototype meme). I would say 1st ed thick shadowless Base Set PSA 10 or No Rarity Base Set japanese, but I think PSA doesn’t grade those anymore (may be wrong).

Blue back no number (Topsun) is pop 3 for PSA 10

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Top three would be No rarity, shadowless and then 1st edition, in that order imo.

venusaur black star psa 10 should also be close to the top imo, beautiful art and crazy low pop


It’s when the 1st Edition stamp is gray or a lighter shade of black. It happened in the factories when the printers were running low on ink.

I know it’s not popular enough, but the “4th print Base” Venusuar is just as hard to find as the shadowless so I’d make it a solid 4th just based on scarcity.

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Best of Game Winner-stamped Dark Venusaur has a nice story to it (the cards were “leaving presents” from WotC as the license expired in 2003), and it has a sub-100 pop across all grades (10 is sub-50), but it’s inexpensive and probably not too difficult to find. Niche but cool.

@brofessorchaos, www.elitefourum.com/t/1st-edition-stamp-variations-lets-iron-it-out/17624/1

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why would shadowless be ahead of 1st edition?

also, thanks for all the replies everyone! I actually just purchased one of those ‘best of game’ dark venusaurs, and I already have the Black Star (not graded, but good enough shape that Im happy with it). I guess at this point I would have to choose between an English or Japanese first edition Base Set. Ill just flat out say that a PSA 10 is realistically too rich for my blood, so I would probably be looking in the 8-9 range. Push comes to shove I can realistically spend in the 3-10k range depending what Im getting for it

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Please point me to one single buy thread for a grey stamp card (other than GemMintPokemon who simply collects everything).

As for the OP’s question - either a PSA 10 No Rarity Venusaur or a PSA 10 1st ed Base Venusaur.


The Topsun Venusaur Holo PSA 10 is a pop 7. Another one to consider considering the population isn’t likely to rise much over the next 10 years.

The Topsun holo Venusaur is also an exceptional card in my view, both in terms of rarity and history.

LOL great minds think alike…

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lower pop