Holy Cow! I think I had a Tornado!

Ok, here’s my story. I was outside, saw a big storm rolling in. I check my acuweather app, wow. The map showed a dark purple circle with, a black center! This also showed what looked like a perfect tail, on the map. Here I am, outside. Luckily I have a lake from the same direction as the wind. I watched for the stormfront to hit the water. All I have to say, I wish I had battery life on my phone. I wanted to record what I saw next.
Here I am, instantly see the wind go acrost the lake with, straight White, cloud, water. I’d say 1 second after seeing, all of this, I had my hand on the door knob. As I was opening the door, I could hear cracking. (I know my stuff when it comes to trees. I am a little more nervous when I hear cracking. Meaning, by hearing that, I believe I would have been, 1 second faster. Compaired to a person with, no knowledge of trees.) When I close the door (has glass window), I looked at the window. There is this tree limb that fell, EXACTLY where I was! About 5 inches, 5ft"6in" long. Also, it sounded like a freight train, going through.
Here’s damage from the storm, atleast mine. A hole through the canopy, outside. I’d like to add multiple, new pieces of wood, turned to saw dust. Truck damage and SUV damage. My truck was 3/4 buried in branches. Limbs weighing more than 300 pounds flew over both cars. (Yes flew) These are about one+ football field away from that tree, at the moment. New gutter fell off. Grandparents next door, had their patio railing blow off. This is a solid wood railing. We have couple tree limbs down off a big tree. This tree is 400+ year old oak. (not sure the species of oak) So these branches are about, 3 foot wide.
The damage around town was worst. Building collapse, building moved on a road, farm silo fell on house (6 silos gone, giant silos), roofs gone, and walls on houses ripped out.
I would like to further BLAME the city for the natural disaster! NO STORM SIRENS!!! NOTHING! Like I said, if I wasn’t paying attention, I could have been hurt, easy. The Siren went off when the storm got, 5 TOWNS AWAY! I was outside with a chainsaw after the storm. Go figure our storm sirens would go off 15 MINUTES after the storm. I believe all the people running the storm systems, should be fired!
Makes for a interesting topic.

We had a pretty nasty Tornado last November. Ten, actually. Kokomo, IN area. You can drive around today and see the path of destruction of one through the middle of the city. The winds cost me my truck and nearly my life.

Wow that’s nuts. You must live in the midwest eh? I was in a car visiting my grandparents in the midwest driving back home while a tornado was out and we were on the edge of it. It lifted the car ever so slightly and pulled us sideways on the road just for a a short moment. But it was freaky!

I live in Evansville, IN.

I’d forgotten that you had told me that.
If you are ever North of Indy, let me know.

When did this weather event happen?

Ok makes sense. I was in Iowa when when our car got moved.

This happened yesterday, around 4p.m. I had a cast iron chair outside, 1/2 inch. think. The biggest piece of the chair left is 3 inches long. There was enough force, some of the cast iron chair was sticking out of the concrete.

Imagine if Tornadoes were made illegal, you’d have like 10 squad cars going full speed with sirens onto the tornado with the attempt to arrest it and getting sucked into the vortex while at it.

Glad you’re safe and sound.