Hills Wholesale Gaming - Can't reach them via email or phone

So I keep having bad experiences with my purchase so sorry to be a constant negative Nancy.

I bought 2 36 pack lots from hills wholesale gaming. I got the package in the other day and i got star wars boxes and packs. I make mistakes in my own shipments but to get the wrong genre entirely is idiotic. I emailed them and called before my purchase and they responded very fast. Now they won’t return emails or phone calls.

I’ve read online they take forever to resolve problems. Anyone have any experience with them?

They’ve been solid whenever I’ve bought stuff from them. If they don’t respond, just file a dispute with PayPal, or a chargeback if you paid with your credit card.

I know I thought about that but I wanted to do more business with them. I’ve had terrible purchases lately. I Houghton a nm/mint FRLG set. More than half the ex were excellent or played. Charizard had dents which the seller knew. Had to get a partial because I really liked 3 if the exs. I’ve been very unhappy with many purchases.

Sorry to hear that man :confused:

If it makes you feel a bit better, I’ve had some bad transactions in the past couple of months as well. I guess it’s more common this time of year with the holidays.

I think that is because I haven’t sold you anything yet!

On a serious note, sorry about the bad luck. I have not heard anything about how reliable they are. :slightly_frowning_face:

All my dealings on here have been gteat. Our last one was as well. Hopefully all this stuff gets worked out. Senders sending late, scams, private collectors late on their payment, things are not going well this holiday season.

I just hope my grades are good. I opened a lot of packs and got pack fresh stuff. Literally perfect cards. I hope psa grades my cards 10s. I got 3 english FA psa 10s I bought. I noticed the slightest amount of white on 2 corners. Not the dots on the edge but the white lines that are ridiculously small. Either way these cards 9s but very borderline 10s. I’ve got many cards at psa and ready to ship to psa that are better than those 10s but I will likely not receive it.

Just a shifty week dealing with cards. I hope I get the psa submission I’m expecting.

I know that the owner of Hill’s Gaming used to be a frequent on The 'Gym. Though I haven’t been much of a regular on that site anymore, I’m thinking you might want to check it out? Regardless, that’s a little annoying that they’ve disappeared? I don’t know how many people run the site, but my honest assumption is it might be 2-4 people and maybe that’s why?

Called a few times this morning and nothing. Called paypal and filed a charge back cases. All of sudden I get a phone call from them. They even answer the phone when I call and respond on their email.

Both the number and email were the ones I was trying to get a hold of them for 3 days.


I hope your situation get resolved soon!

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Personally, I’ve heard only bad things about Hills Wholesale.
I’m not sure if they still do, but they used to sell boosters/boxes that they didn’t even have in stock. Then the buyer would have to go through the same tedious task as you are, and actually have to get a hold of them before being issued a refund.

Just bought a bunch of Heartgold Soulsilver packs from Hills. 36 packs of Black and White base. One 36 pack lot was posted as a booster box and came as 36 loose packs… I also am wondering if some pack weighing is something they do. But I dont want to accuse anyone until I do my own research/ pack weighing.

I deal with them a lot. I know the main guy was sick for most of December and part of January(what I was told). In the end it turned out great, and they work with me a lot now. After discount - their prices beat everyone from what I have found. Orders are messed up sometimes, but it has always been fixed on my end.

I just went through a horrific experience with Hills. I purchased a large order from Hills on February 18th, 2015 and received tracking on the 19th. About a week went by and nothing was updating on the tracking info. I emailed Hills and Nathan, the owner emailed back saying that because it was Friday they would get back to me on Monday, which was fine with me. Monday came and went without a reply so I emailed back reminding them of the issue. They didn’t respond all week. Finally after calling and emailing I just simply told them that I have no choice but to open a Paypal case for a missing item. After a few days I still didn’t hear anything so I escalated the case to a claim. A week goes by after that and, to my surprise, they uploaded a tracking number from a different order that I had previously ordered with them, which now shows the item as “delivered”. I was furious. I pleaded with Paypal about this, explained that I had multiple orders with different tracking numbers. They saw this but because Hills does not apply the tracking number to the actual Paypal transaction, they could not verify the info. At this point I thought I was screwed and honestly I was contemplating legal action. Finally, as of March 25th, over a month after the order was made, Nathan emails back saying that he was at a convention and they handled the situation poorly. He also said they accidentally entered in the wrong tracking info. So no emails, no communication, nothing for an entire month? No excuse at all. I called them probably 50 times on both of their numbers without a response. I accept the apology but I will never be shopping there again. This is not an uncommon thing with Hills apparently. The Better Business Bureau has them at ah “F” rating for similar issues.