High Rollers: Do you enjoy paying well for cards u like?

There’s plenty of budget shoppers that are squeezing the life out of sellers. HOW LOW CAN YOU GO? Is a typical question I see. When prices are clearly priced fine. " Oh but 1 sold for X Low amount, that’s the new value, or a new BIN is listed 30% cheaper, that’s the new value!" Unbelievable.

But if you see a card that you would like to own, are you willing to pay Top Dollar for it?

Ie. If a card is trending for $2,000 if you wait for auction, but be acquired for $2,500. There are so many frugal collectors that want to buy it for $2,000 and while one can shop around and make it work, with hours of tedious effort and/or luck… Is that how you high-roll? Its mind boggling how a collectible can treat a person so well, whether it appreciates or depreciates, yet they want to pay 30-50% lower value to acquire the card, will wait years for PSA to open up, or more pop reports to show.

Are these people even High Rollers? Do these folks even tip for the service when they eat at a nice restaurant/order delivery or are these folks quibbling about paying 15% tip (ONLY 15%). ?

If those folks want to buy items at 30-50% off, just open up a Trading Card Shop and have customers support their business.

I don’t mind paying above market rate for a card I don’t have and would like in my collection, how about you?

Thread may belong in “just a question” section, feel free to move if you’d like. For the buyers that like to buy under card value/grading costs, feel free to remove yourself from this conversation.

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I wouldn’t call myself a high roller but as a general rule I’ll nitpick over price for things that are easily available, but if i’m actually having to wait for something to come on the market then paying 20-30% above what I was hoping to pay wouldn’t bother me. If you’re dropping $2k on a card you can probably afford to drop $2.5k on that same card and then not have to worry about if it’ll ever be available again


Nitpicking has it’s place, but if it’s a card that YOU WANT in the near future, not in 3-5 years as prices will change as well.

As far as ‘easily available’ can be vague and construed over time (depending on the item), I’m not saying there’s 100’s of listings of the item at 20% lower, perhaps there’s less then a dozen items on the market, and you see one you like. Perhaps a few are offset by paperhands folks that want to sell. Whether it be the casing, centering, back, subgrades, or the grading company you like, the item appealed to you. Are high rollers really trying to buy it on the dime on the dollar, and how dare these folks. Lol

I never tip unless I crave a round number, but I’m Norwegian. The average kebab is $15 and we’re notorious for our unfriendliness. No hoe is going to profit from bothering me with idle sweettalk as I have my venison. If she needs it that bad she can make an onlyfans, a reaction channel or simply post her amazon wish-list in her bio. The guy waiter should find himself a better job if he finds himself sulking over tips.

As for cards, sellers romanticize their positions. If a buyer feels like you do him a favor by selling to him, that is an exception not the rule. Once youstart feeling like you do people a favor by selling, you’ve officially lost the plot.

You are American

If you look at it tipping is such a stupid system, why not include service in the price?


Do you believe in the capitalistic Pokemon endeavors and beauty, or you are happy with socialist vibes of a nobody.

I did post an an odd hour, perhaps tipping is not atypical where you are from.

Regardless where you are from, if you are cheap, you will find what you want, a cheap life, cheap wife, and cheap cards. Happy days. Some don’t have the blessing to tip because they’re paying their tip/import fees to their country. Yet they still complain about how it is too expensive. Rather then deal with their country, they want to rip off foreigners.


The adults that continue to eat with high school budget lunch prices should stay at home, not travel, nor shop outside their country. Enjoy. Agree? IF you visit America and choose not to tip, saying you are Norwegian or whatever does not fly.

This was a post targeted towards ‘high rollers’, yet the broke rollers would like to talk about paying bare minimum. Hmm. I imagine your collection is less then my <2 years of commitment.

Why people choose to be so poor minded is so interesting.

I am an American up early. Hello.

I’m gonna be honest here. I do not understand why people get up in arms about price negotiation. It is in the interest of every buyer to minimize expense. It is the interest of every seller to maximize price. This has been true ever since the first cave people traded rocks and bones or whatever. It is the basis of all interpersonal commerce. The idea that buyers and sellers cannot negotiate is extremely bizarre to me. This is how this stuff works. And I don’t mean this is how this stuff “should” work - this is literally how the real world after-market operates. Every antique show, every yard sale, every car lot, every old piece of farm equipment with a cardboard sign on it at the bottom of the driveway, you name it, is built around the expectation of price negotiation. Something is marked $600, someone asks if they’ll take $500, sold. Done. This is normal everyday activity.

I do not think it’s unreasonable for someone to ask you if you’ll sell your card at the same price as somebody else. Why is it unbelievable for someone to show you the same card for a different price and ask if you will meet them at that price? You do not have to say yes. You can just say the price is firm. But there is nothing wrong with people asking.

I usually gravitate towards listings with offers on since I know that person is openly advertising their flexibility. But there have been innumerable occasions where someone did not have offers on but still accepted an offer I made to them privately. I’ve bought cards posted for $3,000 for $2,500. I’ve bought cards listed for $2,500 for $1,800. And yeah, I have sent people other listings and asked them if they’d meet me closer to the other price because I would prefer to buy their card instead. Sellers say yes just as often as they say no. This is just… normal. Normal, everyday, mundane transactions that happen constantly all the time.

This isn’t because I am not willing to pay for something I want. As a collector of some more uncommonly collected stuff like League material and flip coins, sometimes it is really hard to locate and identify the thing I want to buy. I may have been waiting months to see an item appear for sale. When this happens and the choice is between waiting another nine months or having it now, I will spare no expense to have it now. I just spent $100 flat on a flip coin that isn’t even rare, but was in the condition I wanted and would let me complete a collection. I am happy to pay a lot for something I want. But why would I pay more if I don’t have to? Sometimes I do have to, but often I don’t.

I understand that a lot of collectors here especially are in no hurry to sell when they list their stuff for sale. I also understand that best offer exists for a reason and as a seller it can be annoying to explicitly not allow offers but still receive them. But I don’t think it warrants this sort of perspective that prospective buyers are “unbelievable” for engaging with you on your asking price. You can just say no thank you.

And I am a great tipper, thank you very much!! >:[


Being cheap when you can is a pretty substantial part of capitalism, no? :rofl:

That fucking retarded tip system is mandated by law. How is “does not fly” relevant?


@stagecoach, I appreciate your honestly and take on the matter. I agree that when a seller and buyer come to a reasonable price to pay/sell, it is a win/win situation for everyone.

However, there are too many buyers that are caught up in the idea of always lowballing. These are not high rollers, these are cheapskates. Sure it works, someone needs funds to purchase another expedition, but the buyer’s are the same ones paying the high import fees for their country (which they should be against if they are so poor minded) as if it’s a consideration for the person that holds the card, how one has to pay their massive import taxes, only relevant in their country.

The ones that only buy on a budget are not high rollers. These are scumbags lol

Financial health is important, I applaud people who set a budget and stick to it.

It is only logical to take import costs into account, that is why prices in Europe tend to be higher. It is not fair for the seller to lower the price because the buyer would need to pay import costs, but I dont think there is anybody that would argue with that. I dont like overpaying for a card, but I am not yet in my collection journey where the only cards I am missing are appearing once a year, I will see how I react to prices once I reach that point.

All I know is that I am good and cool so don’t mistake me for a cheapskate.

Ie. I buy a $10-12 meal for 1 lunch and $5-6 tip is fine. The one that sweats when the restaurant asks if they would like a soda, good ridden, these folks barely got the food. It’s like these folks secretly think they are ‘working the system’ if they aren’t ordering 3-5 items. Lol what.

I generally pay for cards I like regardless of price. I don’t go “omg did i overpay fsdokdokfdopfgd” because when it’s in my hand, I’m happy. Happiness is priceless…

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I agree financial health is important. It’s important for the buyer to manage their finances to not offend anyone. Unless they are Mr. Badass and are trying to rip off everyone they see.

That’s interesting you think it’s okay for Europe to be priced higher then America. I hope you have seen some milk from the queen because your consideration is completely erroneous

I can’t tell if you’re a 4D master troller or just really slow.


Congratz for being rich, you are now portraying people as 50% tipper living the American dream types, or poor minded people that never eat anything other than house brands in the supermarket. The majority lies somewhere in the middle.

And it is not like you should make these poor minder people ridiculous, some are actually poor, which is a serious issue, they should not be pressured into tipping 20% imo.


It’s not about being rich or poor. It’s simple. Treat people how you would like to be treated.

Do you do that?

I would rather pay someone in Europe $110 than someone in America $100 which after import costs will be $125. How is that erroneous?