Graded set collectors?

I’m curious if this is more of a niche type of collecting since it can be such a big task considering how big the set is.

How many here have graded full sets? If so which sets and please show some pictures!


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Edit: link to zach’s channel, defintely recommend checking it out if youre looking to see some graded sets!


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*got multiple Red/Green quick starter sets. most likely top or near top PSA/CGC registry
*got multiple vending 3 sets . most likely close to top PSA /cgc registry.
*a few other pre 2000 vintage sets. not disclosing publicly due to variations.

vintage is so slow, great time for buyers to complete sets.


Dragon frontiers ex psa 10 cards in japanese are on my radar for a set. So far i have just 2 unlimited salamence as these cards are hard to find. Im not too concerned with other sets rn

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I’m not fully convinced there’s a great way to photograph a full set


Awesome collection! I want what you have too in the future but im still stuck at base set😅


Base set took me 5 years, 2012-2017


This is beautiful

I dream of having a collection like this :heart_eyes:

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Something to keep in mind when you commit to collecting the complete set, you’re almost certainly going to wind up buying cards from sets not because you truly want them as an individual card but because you only need it for the set and that can get old pretty fast. Especially if you go for the holo’s first it starts to become a diminishing return on enjoyment, for me personally anyway (with base set being an exception). I think binders are the way to go for complete sets since it’s quite a bit cheaper, easier to store and enjoy visually but that’s just my opinion. Hope this helps!


Exactly my thoughts, @SeasidePokemon! Most complete sets do not interest me at all.

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I have only been working on one graded set for the last 6 years. I am still working on completing my French base set graded collection. Check out my collection thread for pics!


I collected Base Set Shadowless for around 4 years in total and always bought 1 card here 1 card there and so one. Last Year I completed the set and submitted all cards at once to CGC so I have the full set graded with consecutive grading IDs :slight_smile:

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Ooh nice! Have pics?

French base set is awesome! Will check out the thread!

The only complete graded sets I have are for 1st ed Base and Shadowless. For all my other WOTC 1st edition sets, I’ve only graded the holo and rare cards. The rest of the cards for those sets are in binders with mint cards. To me it made economical sense to grade the valuable cards and keep the rest in binders. If at some point the commons become extremely valuable, I’ll grade them. Being from Canada, I didn’t see how spending $25 Canadian per card was worth the hassle.

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If grading ever gets cheaper I’ve considered grading a full Neo Destiny set since I have many duplicates of the non-holos to choose from. That said, I would still have to find a way to make it worth it financially as I’d much rather be buying other cards with that money.

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I don’t have a picture at this moment, but I have a full set of Skyridge reversed in PSA.
Working on a full reversed Expedition.