Graded Card Box/Case

Stumbled across a listing last night looking for ways to store my graded cards. The same company lists a product that I know a few of you have bought, but was wondering if anyone here has specifically bought the Aluminium version and if they have, what did they think of it?

Here is a link to the listing;

I wish they made slots in-between. I wouldn’t buy this. I dont have many PSA cards so I wouldnt buy this if you know your PSA cards will fully fit back to front

copycats :blush:

I really don’t know what you are trying to say here?

as yo usee there are slots or dividers. I wish that case had them since that case seems to hold about 50 PSA cards in each row. I do not have more than about 30 PSA graded cards so the PSA Slabs will go back and forth in the case. Which could damage the PSA Slabs. If they had Dividers to make sure the cards do not go back and forth that would to me a great case to protect my PSA Grade Cards. But how the style is. I wouldnt buy it myself if I knew my Cards wouldnt fill it up


I’ve used this case for psa collection.

It’s a bit heavy but does the job perfectly. Fitting isn’t issue either because you can create wanted shape from foam, 4 rows each holding ~35 cards.

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Very nice mate, I currently use Pelican cases to store all of my PSA cards, but it is very expensive for how many they hold.

I’m looking for a more convenient and suited storage option like the one I linked and am in the market for a very large (probably 1/2 pallet size) which I’ll be able to store these cases as well as my Booster Box collection. Figuring that could keep me going for many many years. Then there is that cost involved in the whole setup. Arggghhh!

You can get cubed foam that would be perfect for the issues you have :wink:

You just pluck what you need and shape it to fit your cards perfectly.

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Is this, for storing your collection or taking ones for sale/trade to shows and such?

They store well but if you have that many to trade, and plenty of muscles, then sleeve the cards and carry the case with you.

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I think I need to get these things… Thing is, I don’t know about you guys but gravity scares me so I would not sit my PSA cards up because they might go loose in the case, however I did a shake test and I can conclude it is just impossible to f**k your card up, but I haven’t put in a washing machine yet so who knows. I did this with a Japanese card though. Wally because I hate him so much and I think he should die because I pulled like 3 of him and my PSA 10 wally sold for 1.45 at auction… -.- all this being said… You can stack them on top of each other just like in a shoebox, and I put mine in a shoe box… If I could stop spending money on cards for a second and pay the extremely large shipping on one of these bad bois … It would be cool.

@pokemonsyndicate At the price you paid for that No Rarity Venusaur I’d expect it to be delivered in that suitcase by syuju’s personal butler. :stuck_out_tongue:


I like this company. I know several people have it including silversnorlax. Tbey are about $115 shipped. I own 2 of these boxes and I’m looking to get 2 more. You can convert them to hold Booster boxes.

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Do they accommodate 4 rows with a little left over? I would be interested in it if I could put a custom foam insert inside.

Yes. One one row you can do 4 on the side. I was able to purchase foam inserts to place in there but now its full. I bought the inserts 2 years ago. The rows/panels are interchangeble.

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What do you think about the graded card bags?

I havent used them. I dont think there is any card in my collection that needs that extra level of protection. I’ve heard that most like but it could use a little improvements. I think silversnorlax did a review of it.

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mmmm those graded card bags and box look boss. I think I have been linked to them, and found these myself a few times. Must aquire the things…

Before you buy them, let me know, it might be cheaper to buy a few and save on postage.

I will… You also let me know if you beat me to it since I’m in so much debt and may put it off for along time.

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