Gotta Catch Em All-8 Months Searching-Fly to Texas-LeonHart

Flew from Vegas to Dallas then back home on a 24 hour turnaround. Packed a bunch into that short amount of time.

Leon was nice enough to take care of all my details for a deal which went smoothly. Can’t give the price I paid but it was healthy;) It was super nice of him so in return I filmed a segment interview with him which should air on his channel sometime in the next week,

Jason, the owner of Limitless Games in Dalworthington Gardens, Tx invited me to come by his GREAT shop to meet his customers, take pictures, and sign autographs. That’s right. Your humble brother here on E4 is apparently a rock star in their world lol. Dozens of people came and all knew me. Several fathers brought their kids who wanted to meet and take pictures with me. It was really humbling and fun.

Besides all that, it was a slow day;)


That’s pretty cool :blush: Can’t wait for the video interview, maybe another viral video?

Was the PSA 10 Shadowless Charizard the only card in the deal you made Gary?

Both cards were the deal.

My oh my, I thought the BGS 10 was your copy! Congrats on owning 2/2 BGS 10 1st ed Base Set Charizard Gary! Man that must feel good :blush:

Wow that’s amazing there’s only 2 BGS 10s in the world?

Congratulations, Gary! I recall you saying that you’re not a fan of signed slabs… are you planning on keeping the BGS 10 signed or will you remove the signature/recase it?

Thanks again. It feels awesome. It’s been my goal ever since I lost the bid for 56,000.00. I did find out something I didn’t know. I felt a little bad I didn’t bid more back then but I found out today their max bid was 75k so I never could have beat them back then anyway.
My favorite thing is it’s a thick and auto’d on the case which makes them both unique and kinda one of a kind:)


Great question. I actually considered it cause Beckett’s is here in Dallas too but I’ve decided to leave it for now. Curious how you all feel about that.

Well you have one with and one without now… keeps everyone happy I guess lol. I’m happy that you ended up getting your hands on it… I remember when you were offering $25k when we first heard about it. I don’t even want to know what you paid now…

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It’s not really my cup of tea, but you have one without a signed slab as well, so… can’t go wrong either way. I also used to live in Dallas and had no idea that Beckett had operations there, crazy! Congrats again, enjoy the card in good health!

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That video will be awesome! Congrats

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I like both. :blush: You can always change it later.


Really looking forward to the video, awesome stuff Gary :blush:

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Thank you.
I think it’s in Farmers Branch so right outside Dallas?

Leon said it went well but he was probably being nice. I’m not really that quick ‘off the cuff’ (do they still use that term lol? Means ‘without preparation’)

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Wait so Leonhart was the guy that beat you to the BGS 10 awhile ago ??

No but it was a Dallas resident and since he lives in Dallas he did all the work/arrangements for me. In person he is one terrific guy. He does a lot of charity work for mental health issues and is actually looking for another charity that serves that community. If anyone here knows of a good one contact him or me and I’ll pass it on.


Oh that’s awesome you finally got them both :grimacing::grimacing: I would suggest ‘’ but it’s Australian so don’t know how that works. They are a charity that helps really sick children it’s really something :blush:

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Gary, I’m all about buying some of those BGS 10’s you’ve got stockpiled to add to my collection btw. :wink:

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I’ll remember that;)