Giant UNCUT sheet of pokemon Tazos

Anyone know the price of this giant UNCUT sheet of Pokemon Tazos?


I thought this said “giant uncut sheet of Pokemon tacos”
I got hungry… Lol


Bruh… Cutting season.

No tacos aloud


There’s always time for tacos :slightly_frowning_face:… Haha


But it is not Tuesday.

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Holy crap, I remember these from the Fritos promotion back in the early 2000’s.

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I would ask thecharizardauthority he has contacts with uncut sheet dealers…

I really want some tacos now

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Go to youtube and contact “ThePokemonUncutSheet”

With over 10 years of experience dedicating to collecting just pokemon sheets
that’s the expert you want to go with.

Oh no… Not them.

On all the forums I’ve been a part of, they’ve spewed nonsense and then get into arguments all the time. I would contact Rusty, @thecharizardauthorty first


thecharizardauthority has only just started doing this fairly recently.
Thepokemonuncutsheet has been at it for 10+ years now.

Contact Thepokemonuncutsheet he has more time into this kind of thing.

Pokefan is definitely not ThePokemonUncutSheet.

You can tell by the different username. Surely crazypokemon (alias for ThePokemonUncutSheet) wouldn’t ban evade.



If you think by doing something longer means you automatically are more trustworthy and knowledgable then I got bad news for you son.

Also your self promotion is sickeningly obvious. Try harder.

I contacted him to let him know you had these.

But he said his main focus is TCG sheets. So he’s not focused on getting these particular kind.

But he has seen them be listed before these kinds of tazo/pog sheets and they usually sit on ebay for awhile for several sheets in 1 listing with a BIN $50/ best offer.
but he recalls seeing them actually sell for around $30 for multiples of the same sheet in 1 listing.
Has not seen any listings sell for $50/best offer. Not much of a market for these kind.

He wished you luck in finding a buyer.

So see if thecharizardauthority would buy it. Or see if you know any pokemon fans from around your area that may want it.

thank you pokefan

The only one I have is below. I got it for around $40 in auction. It is 1st generation only. If you can zoom, you will see that it is not actually blurry but double die. The back is in Spanish

If anybody knows why my signature is trying to post a video instead of the link for my channel let me know how to fix it!


Can you text me on private please? Im from barcelona, spain, and im interested on the uncut sheey, thanks :blush:

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