Gen con stamped cards

Hi i was just wondering if anyone could tell me more about gen con stamped cards. I was mostly wondering about how they were handed out, why, and how many (variants and possibly how many of each)? Any and all information is appreciated!

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Bump im still looking for links or more info thank yoooou

Still looking for info. I emailed the gen con customer support in some kind of hail mary attempt to find someone there who could perhaps point me in the right direction, will update if anything happens with that. Thanks


Looks like 2003 had some crazy prizes:

Some photos:

This one where apparently the Nintendo was crossed out because this is right around the time WOTC lost the license

Because DMTM was there and all the WOTC prizes, I’m wondering if the Nintendo stamped promos had anything to do with this tournament at all


More interesting info from this thread Pokémon Organized Play (POP) Timeline 2003-2004 (Pokémon League Year 5)

Anyway I should also mention that the Bagon is copyright 2003 but I think it was given at Gen Con 2004


Wow thank you! I will sift through all of this when i get off work tonight

At first glance though i have heard mention of the kyogre only once or twice but its hard to confirm a lot of the details this late

I would recommend searching through old forums like pokegym and pokebeach, maybe something will come up


So after reading some of that there isnt a mention of the promos i saw in depth. I really would like someone from the event an organizer even to verify how many promos there were. And am i reading that right? It was wotc’ last competetive event regarding pokemon? If so i love these even more lol

The SCRYE bagon promo and Kyogre Nintendo promo are the only ones I remember.

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At the end, they also gave out the tablesize playmats, I have one in the closet. I can check to see if Nintendo is scratched off.

The scrye one came in a magazine and isnt associated with gen con i thought

Would you ever part with the mat? Id even settle for a picture lol

Heres the two gen cons i have and then the two other bagons with a stamp.
Im sucked into the gen con promos. Its official. I need to know more.


I didn’t know much about Gen Con before doing this little exploration but it seems that 2003 was the last year and tournament for WOTC.

The Bagon is copyright 2003 but I think it was given at Gen Con 2004 not 2003

2004 had the release of FRLG, which was a year before EX Emerald

I’m guessing Bagon was 2004 and Treecko was 2005

If we keep digging we can probably find out how they were released but I sincerely doubt you’ll find print numbers. This is one of those items where a person running the event could have walked out with a box of them as leftovers


I’ll take a picture when I get home.

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So it would be safe to assume that there are only 2 then. I guess next step is a lead on a treecko psa 10

Perhaps this was not the question, but the HOLO Kyogre EX and Groudon EX were given during 2003 Gencon by TPCI. They had a booth in the convention area and were giving those to people showing interest. Also mousemats were given away by them. (placed in a binder)

Source: me, I was there I played at FAT and walked around at the convention.

Bagon promo was not given at Gencon 2003, that Bagon was released at the end of 2023 in the EX Dragon set.


Those dates dont make sense to me.
Are you saying that the bagon gen con stamped is a 2023 release? I strongly disagree.

Its hard to find information on them but this is a lead i found on a website with a product description. Not necessarily the most reputable of sources but its something i went off.

“The 2003 Pokemon Gencon Game Fair Bagon promo #50/97 is an exclusive convention promo. These were given out at the 2003 Gencon convention held in Indianapolis, Indiana during the last weekend in July 2003.”

I strongly believe these were given out at the convention itself but for what reason i have no idea.