Gaming Setup

What games do you play? BO2?

If so I play competitively through game battles. My k/d is 2.10 on bo2 and 2.95 on mw3. Lol I am a cod player only.

I am a big Halo fan as well. I got into it seriously when Halo 2 multiplayer was released. I actually had a level 50 on Halo 3 when I peaked and played consistently through college.

Halo 4 is pretty good for changing hands. I never got into Cod since it was not as competitive as Halo. However, Halo 4 has basically adopted a similar ranking system as call of duty, where when you finish a game you receive experience, regardless if you win or lose.

But Stuart, your headset cost 205 pounds?!!! I just use the standard one that came with the newer xbox system, its quality is entirely standard.

Damn, a 50 in every game type. That is insane! I think Halo 3 was the peak of the competitive side of the halo series. Halo 4 is still fun, and is competitive, but does not hold a candle to Halo 3 in competition.

My friend told me about the 1-50 ranking, the current one is abysmal. Basically anyone who logs hours ranks up. I loved the ranking in Halo 3 and actually liked the Halo 2 ranking symbols as well. The only issue on Halo 2 is that when you reached the higher levels you would run into modding in matches like crazy. I met a guy that modded and it was fun playing a customs match but it was always frustrating in matchmaking when you could not do anything because someone was shooting wraith plasma from a shotgun.

But do you play Halo 4 often? I try to get on a few times a week. I have a couple friends I went to school with and we play but it is nothing too competitive. But feel free to add me, my gamertag is: Z1Z0U 10

Yes it is! He is my favorite soccer player.