Froyo's Cherished Collection

This collection is all over the place, holy…
I’m a pretty casual collector, as me getting new cards happens in random bouts of obsession rather than regularly checking for new drops and following the news, but anything I add to my little book is very precious to me. I get cards that make me feel nostalgic, happy, feature Pokémon I love, or look visually interesting. Pokémon in general is very dear to me so I hope you enjoy looking and we can all have fun!! Excuse the teeny binder lol

I’ll make an update, I have a lot on the way, very effing excited (looking at you alt art silver tempest lugia)


Awesome thanks for sharing! You and i are very similar with that. I have been a fan since i was little and i just kind of gravitate towards anything that catches my eye. Love the lugia spread, do you have a favorite card in your collection?

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Same here lol I remember being like 9 and being made fun of because “Pokémon is for little kids” (bro what do you think we are)
Also fuck yeah, it’s like a little treasure hoard, just collecting cool shit that draws you in like shiny rocks. Honestly, for a favorite card, it’s hard… BUT probably a tie between call of legends shiny deoxys (even though he’s in poor condition) and explosive birth lugia, those cards just look so cool to me, I always stop to look at them when I flip through, makes me very proud to have them in my collection. i’ve wanted that deoxys for ages!!!
Wbu? Any ultimate favorites?

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I dont have any ultimate favorites id say but i tend to fixate on certain mons at one time. For a while it was aegislash, then prerelease stamped promos, now im kind of obsessing over manaphy cards, cosmo holo promos, and staff prerelease cards. I binder everything and i just like to sit and flip and read everything. Im sure my focus will change once i fill a few pages of stuff, it always does :sweat_smile:

I love the collection - so many cards I’d put in a favorites binder of my own. The Neo Lugia, Expedition Raichu, Porygon Z Lv. X, Flareon EX pokekyun, Pidgey SR, etc. Your taste is wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

Aegislash is one of my favorite mons overall but I’ve never looked into its cards (probably because it’s from a recent gen), I should do that… AND BRO ME TOO ABOUT MANAPHY!! I just discovered it had so many amazing cards, I bought like 3 just the other day, I’m excited to post them. Staff prerelease is a nice straightforward niche, I like it, I’ve been wanting to get into special cards like that.
+1 for the flipping through stuff, nothing like looking through your binder and wallowing in the feeling


Thanks so much!! That Raichu definitely sits high on my favorite list, such a cute card. I have a few Ampharos ones who hit the same brain zone for me, with the blue electric backgrounds and the happy yellow guy in the middle.
The Porygon Z Lv. X is definitely superior to its alternate version, the chibi look is great

Beautiful collection. I feel that each card tell a story and they are very lucky to have found their way to someone who will cherish them.

I’m exactly the same. The way I look at it though is that even though it’s a bit random, I’m still increasing my collection and that makes me happy.

Welcome again and looking forward to future updates.


That’s the nicest thing I’ve ever been told… I’m happy it comes across that way, that’s definitely why I collect. I don’t care if cards are damaged, or very common, at least it speaks to me, y’know?

That’s the spirit!! Even if it’s sporadic, at least it’s growing. It always gives you new things to look forward to, because you’re always discovering!


A beautiful selection if cards from all eras through pokemon history, it was already great from the beginning and the lugia page but the vending snorlax at the latest made it clear you have an excellent taste in cardboard :ok_hand: i have to admit that it hurt me a bit to see that you had the other ANA birds but not zapdos which is undoubtedly the best of three, but on the other hand i loved to see the pikachu v union cards on 4 pocket binder page which obviously is the best way to showcase them. Looking forward to future updates!

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Personally prefer Moltres and Articuno to Zapdos, so agree to disagree!!! I honestly don’t have him yet just because I feel I can only showcase all 3 of them in a 3x3 binder, which I don’t have yet… (also gonna be honest, I bought those 2 together and it already kind of hurt my wallet so I couldn’t get Zapdos immediately) But it would be kind of sad to not have Zapdos in the middle of those 2… (i’d switch them to face away from it, cool outgoing duo)
I know I should look into getting a bigger binder buuut… I just find the small size comfy, like a small book of wonders
Thank you for all the kind words!! I was actually wanting to acquire more vending cards like Poliwrath, Mr Mime and Porygon pretty soon

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Very nice, thanks for sharing. While I collect structured sets in binders, I LOVE seeing a mini binder of just favourites loosely organised. It takes me back to when I was a kid and kept all of my favourites in a mini binder (the same blue one with Blastoise/Charizard/Pikachu on the front that I think most of us had) and wasn’t so OCD about organising binders into sets etc.

I really like the water-type Lugia on the first page. Never seen that one before.

They may be all over the place, but you’ve got great taste in cards and artworks! :blush: I also love the little themes here and there in the binders, as well as those Amada stickers at the end.



Great binder thank you for sharing. I’ve been working on a Hajime Kusajima binder and have never seen the special set Lugia promo so I just ordered one now! Looking forward to seeing more binder shots.

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literally such a gorgeous collection full of so much character i could cry! There are so many stories here, and I’d love to hear every last one of them. So many beautiful porygons!!! i drool!!!
if you don’t mind me asking the origin of that art contest Arceus I’d love to hear!

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Thanks!! Yeah, I kinda tried to organize it, but as I got new ones I never took the time to properly sort them. I got a new binder just yesterday though (more pages and sturdier), and when moving over I reorganized everything by theme

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Thanks a lot! Glad I could be of help, when I first saw this card it instantly became one of my favorites. I’m a sucker for pretty landscapes and that cloudy sunset in the background really did it for me. Extremely pretty card

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Thank you so much for the nice words whewwwowow! I can see we both like Lugia and the Porygon line… Handshake… As for the story, do you mean the story of the card or how I found it?

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UPDATE! I haven’t received all the cards yet (there’s a good few 20 on the way) but receiving this Lugia was too much excitement at once, so I’m posting an update.

PLUS a new binder because I’m starting to have some expensive cards in my collection and my old one was falling apart + official one with no zipper… My new one has 8 sleeves on each page instead of 4! So now I don’t have to cram 2 cards in a single sleeve wooow


Awesome! Cant wait to see you fill this one!

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