For Trade: PSA 10 T.M.B Zapdos Phone Card

Sup guys,

Well since I currently own a second copy that I plan on grading there’s not really a reason for me to have two! :blush:

Looking for the following! Message me if you have any!

  • PSA 10 Japanese Shining Tyranitar/Raichu/Gyarados/Mew
  • PSA 10 Fan Club Shining Magikarp
  • Kangaskhan Parent/Child Trophy Card (NM/Mint or better)
  • UniKarp (NM/Mint or better)
  • No.1/No.2/No.3 Trophy cards before 2003

Thanks! :grin:

Here’s an image of the card too!

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Pop 2 and you have both… winning.

no no no no lol

I own 1 of 2 PSA 10, and an ungraded copy as well :blush:

@cbd1235 owns the other PSA 10

Ah so you are confident on that raw being a 10 then?

I’m just happy if it gets a 8 or higher.

Having a complete set to me is good enough with those grades :grin:

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Ive not seen many of these before, anyone give me a ballpark figure of what theyre worth in a 10?

About $2000. Stupidly rare these things.

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