Hey Guys,

Kinda just posting this for future reference for anyone who would like to sell a copy one day :grin:

Willing to easily pay $1,000+ a card. Always Paypal ready.

Just Message me, Thanks.

  • Jeremy

Edit: Here’s an example of the card :grin:

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Is it you that has the zapdos already? I’ve said it before and ive said it again, I LOVE these cards, a full set is like my ultimate goal collecting wise, shame about how much they cost though haha.

You should post a picture.
I had a set for years and didn’t even know what they were. This could be true of so,embody else…

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Yes sir! I own the Zapdos :blush:

Knew I had to have it the second I laid my eyes on it…

Only problem is now finding the others :sob:
and of course that price tag lol.

Hoping to one day own a PSA 10 set… Even thought only Zapdos has been graded a 10 .___.

This is good advice, the guy with the 9th lucky stadium probably would have sold his alot sooner if he had known the cards worth before he looked to sell it I think, maybe you will get lucky?

I was actually one of the first people who that guy talked to, this was due to him trying Facebook as his first means of selling.

If only he went to TMB a year earlier :slightly_frowning_face: He would’ve had the Phone cards