TMB Legendary Bird Phone Cards

A graded set recently came up on ebay. Ive never seen these before,

Does anyone here have any one of these. Im pretty amazed with the Zapodos and Articuno.

Hey, they are m786ali’s. If you check the newest threads he has some pretty nice pictures of them along with his other set. But if i’m honest i dont know what they are but they have some nice artwork :blush: Is the link.

Those are one of the members here, their username here is the same as their ebay username.

The cards were only given out at the tropical mega battle to players who won a match under 15 minutes. The process is typical of tournaments, except the prizes today are not as unique.

The cards are actual phone cards and are not standard trading cards. The backs have the typical gray phone card back to them.

They are very rare but the price range is wide. If you find a direct participant of the tournament you can get them for less. With that said, less usually means around 1,200. :blush: They are very rare and rarely appear for sale.