Added to collection: PSA Graded TMB Phone Card Set

Bought from a member in here…just received my PSA Graded TMB Phone Card set! ;D

The Articuno and Zapdos are 9 and the Moltres is an 8. I’ll upload the pics later :blush:

How many graded sets are out there?

There are four Zapdos and Moltres cards graded and three articuno cards graded. That means three complete sets and two extras.

Wow didn’t know there were that little graded sets! Cool. :blush:

Congrats :wink: :blush:


Thank you! I’m so happy to finally have this set! :blush:

And thanks to the member who sold me it. Very helpful :blush: ;D

Wow sometimes I forget this is a “Pro” collector forum. My collection is so lame compared to others’! :blush: That’s sweet to have 1 of 4 total graded sets! Sick! I bet that cost a pretty penny!

No, this is a forum for anyone and everyone with a passion for Pokemon cards :blush: as long as you’re here to learn something and share insight then you’re in the right place.

Every collection means something to its owner and that’s what makes it special, it’s your own!

Hey well thanks that’s nice of you! I hope to get my own thread with some pics up in the near future. Thanks for the encouragement!