New Additions!!

After waiting and paying them off for a month my Phone Cards in the original envelopes finally arrived in the mail! :blush:



Nice man they look amazing!!

Thanks Viper and pl45ma!

congratulations, another collector with the full set lets shake hands :blush:
they are a real beauty!

Why thank you! You have the whole set as well? :blush:

So jealous…I still need those!

Yay, congrats! That’s a special purchase. Were those ebirdman’s, or a private find?

I guess it was more of a private deal and I had to have them so we worked out a fair price.

yes i have the complete set too, even doubles of the zapdos and articuno but i sold the 2 doubles some time ago :blush:

Thats amazing. Did you happen to stumble upon the duplicates and purchase them or did you attend the tournament?

I think I’m in love. *o*

I just realised that these phone cards have unique illustrations, don’t they?

What’s the history of these? Were they actually functioning phone cards? And what tournament were these given out at? What a weird prize - phone cards!

^I ask the same as above :laughing: Also kind of curious what you paid for these, if you don’t mind sharing of course.

The Bulbapedia articles don’t go into too much detail, but here’s what they say:

In Japan, this card was reprinted with different artwork by Ken Sugimori. At the 1999 Tropical Mega Battle tournament, those who were not in the main event could still battle each other, earning stamps for every battle they participated in. Those who completed their stamp booklet were awarded either a Zapdos, Articuno, or Moltres phone card at random in a sealed envelope. The Moltres artwork was reprinted in Gym 1 (Gym Heroes) set as Team Rocket’s Moltres.

Hahaha that pretty much sums up what they are about. There are 50 minutes of talktime on the cards and can be used to make international calls only from japan. I do find it interesting that they’ve these out as prizes but they are pretty awesome :blush: jazzibe: lets just say they were not cheap but I got a very good deal
On them considering they came with the envelopes.

Bit off-topic but the elongated border is kind of what i wish the early e-cards would have looked like. Instead of cramming everything into a small (imo) gaudy border they could have been like those. :3

Actually the cards are the same exact height as normal cards but width wise it is slimmer than normal. But I agree that they would have looked much better than the e cards.

Thanks - I keep forgetting about these because they’re not on the Master CD