PSA 10 Japanese Shining Charizard Neo 4 ( For Trade )

Sup guys, Got one of the Holy Grail’s for trade today :sunglasses:
Looking for the following:

- PSA 10 Japanese Shinings (excluding Celebi, Mewtwo, Steelix)
- Fan Club Magikarp
- PSA 10 Masaki’s (Excluding Gengar)
- T.M.B Phone Cards
- Misc Trophy Cards

and I think that’s about it for now! :grin:

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Collectors be coming for this card like


And here I am sitting with two in my pocket (O.O)

Wouldn’t a psa 10 fan club karp be worth more?


What a card. So much nicer than the English version in my opinion.

I don’t think so at all.

I’ve seen multiple Threads here stating a Psa 10 Karp being around $1000

And I’ve seen around the same if not more for a PSA 10 Zard

Good luck but I think you will find this trade very hard to find. An ungraded Fan Club Magikarp is at least twice the price of an ungraded Shining Charizard.


Twice as rare also

It may be twice as rare but a PSA 10 fanclub shining magikarp has sold multiple times for under $500-700 whereas the charizard has been known to have sold for recently also multiple time over the $1k mark. When it comes to rarity ofcourse the magikarp is rarer ungraded but when it comes to PSA 10 only until last year/this year has their been a charizard graded a 10. We dont really need a discussion here on what is rarer and if Swolepoke will get what he is asking end of the day it is worth what a buyer is willing to pay nothing more nothing less.


Still have this for trade people!

Keep it! I will buy it later this year. :grin:

Lol later this year is too long :relieved:

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