Xuzu's Wants - 2 PSA Cards & JP Neo Boxes

PSA 10 Shining Kabutops 1st Edition
PSA 10 Shining Tyranitar 1st Edition

Neo Booster Boxes (Japanese)

How much are you offering for a PSA 10 Zapdos Base Unlimited?

Just noticed that ‘thepokemonshark’ has 5 available for £37 each. Seems very reasonable, could you beat that?



I’ve got an EXC 1st Ed shining celebi, i know you said NM+ but just letting ya know,

I’ve also got a 1st Ed NM Dark Charizard

also ive got 1st Ed base venusaur, alakazam and magneton, each with 2-3 scratches and a bit of edge wear on the back, let me know if youre interested in any

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Hey, I’d like to see a photo/price of the Celebi if I may to make a decision. I actually have the Dark Charizard now, and I’d also very much like to see photo’s/prices of the three 1st Eds. I have an Alakazam en route in PSA 8, so unless you think it would be much better than that then probably don’t worry about that one.


Magneton is worst condition than i initially though, so i wont bother with that pic, and the venusaur is off the market atm, but here is a pic of the celebi


Looking for a better condition than that, but thanks anyway!

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Market for these has been relatively dry the last month or two and I really want to push the completing of this set so going to test the waters here!

(All PSA 10, 1st Edition w/ my offer)

Shining Tyranitar - $230
Shining Noctowl - $140
Shining Kabutops - $155
Shining Charizard *gulps* - $725

you still need 1st ed shining celebi?

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I already have the other 4, thanks though!

Edit: Though I still need the Celebi & Kabutops ungraded, both 1st Ed NM+.

Bumpidy bump! Been a while since I’ve got a new one. :slightly_frowning_face:

Is shining gyarados the only Japanese shining in a 10 you’re looking for?

I would love to have the others too, so no! It’s just the one card I want above all others. I haven’t officially started that collection yet but if there is one available for the right price I’d love to buy it. :blush:

Okay, I’ll message you when it comes, but…

I will be having in the next week or so a second PSA 10 Japanese Shining Charizard :ninja:
and I will be selling or trading it away!

No way! Officially sign me up as a very interested party. :grin:

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Updated OP to a smaller list of what I’m really focussed on getting right now. :blush:

Can anyone who is Japanese or familiar with Yahoo Japan please help? Could you give me some useful terms to search for if I’m looking for a Neo 1 Box or a Neo 2 Box. Thanks

金、銀、新世界へ ← neo 1

遺跡をこえて ← neo 2


Thanks a bunch!