Footage of "Card Pop!" in action?

For those unfamiliar, there are two “Phantom Cards” in Pokemon TCG for Game Boy that can only be obtained (without cheats) by using an in-game feature called Card Pop. You can read exactly how it works here, but what’s important is that it utilizes the Game Boy Color’s infrared port instead of the standard Game Boy Link Cable. There have been attempts such as this to emulate this, but none of them support Card Pop.

I thought my next best shot at seeing Card Pop for myself was to just look for a video of someone doing it with real hardware. I looked through every forum thread and YouTube video I could find and got nothing. And, as you can imagine, searching for “pokemon card pop” returns a lot of unwanted results.

So, does anyone here know more information on this, or know of even a single video showing it? A video of one of the Phantom Cards (Venusaur or Mew) being obtained would be best, but I’ll take anything at this point. I can give some PTCGO codes to anyone who can help, lol.

It’s nothing too special, and the chances of getting the mew/venasaur card are absolutely abysmal. I’ve got two copies of the game myself and tried for a bit to get them, but gave up after awhile. It takes way too much time per attempt, since you can only card pop with a specific person once, and you have to play in game until you unlock the option to card pop.
Person A card pops with Person B. Person A and B cannot card pop with each other anymore.
Person A card pops with Person C. Person A cannot card pop with Person B or C anymore.
Person B card pops with Person C. Person B cannot card pop with Person A or C anymore.

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@90smayo So it sounds like each player gets a random card chosen out of every card in the game, including the two Phantom Cards? In that case, it would give you a 1 in 114 chance of receiving one, since there are 228 cards total. Wow. Also, could you possibly take a video of you doing Card Pop with your two games? I’d really like to see exactly how it works in-game. I’m actually re-creating the entire game from the ground up at the moment, with plans of adding online functionality like lobbies and leaderboards. I also wanted to implement a Card Pop-like feature, but haven’t seen how the original game does this, so that’s why I’m so curious lol

Here is Phantom Mew obtained via Card Pop (カードポン!).


@melchior Thank you very much! I have no idea how you found that video, but it shows almost everything I need! Though I am curious as to how the person playing was able to Card Pop so quickly and repeatedly like that. Since I don’t know Japanese, the most I can decode is from Google Translate-ing the description. Here’s my heavily reworded interpretation: “You can’t Card Pop with the same save file more than once. However, the game can only store up to 18 Card Pop interactions. After this point, it will overwrite the oldest interaction with each new Card Pop. Therefore, if you Card Pop with different cartridges 19 times, you will be able to Card Pop again with the cartridge that performed the first Card Pop!” Does this man own 20 copies of PTCG?? Anyway, PM me if you want some codes lol

Hey, @deltaseeker you’re welcome. I just entered カードポン!(Kaado Pon), which is how Card Pop! is known in the NTSC-J game, in the Youtube search bar and this video popped up. Judging from the video his efforts are performed using the Game Boy Player extension for his GameCube. And yes, he probably has 20 or more copies of Pokémon Card GB. I have around 100+ copies myself because this was one of the most affordable games ever and it came with a beautiful promo.