Does anyone have more info on these small cards?

These are small cards

You mean specifically about this part of the page?

Various GB Pocket Card ‘punch-out’ sheets have been found and it is unclear if these sheets were available as vending products to consumers, were early prototypes, or if they were examples of the factory or retail process before the product was packaged into the Gashapon capsules.

Some of these ‘punch-out’ sheets include holographic BG Pocket Cards with no printing on the backs and plastic Transparent versions.


GB Mini Pocket Cards. I worked with a guy named Galactic Muffin to research these things and he eventually made a wiki page. There’s still a lot to find out about them but this is the most comprehensive info we have so far:

Edit: Nevermind. I realized you also shared the link in your original post. XD

If there’s any questions you have, let me know but it won’t be much more than what we compiled here.


I have an attribute that goes with these, it it a sort of pokedex outline, but these things go inside and you can push them out one by one with a button on the pokedex. I dont know if it is official, but I will try to make a picture when I find it again.

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Ok thanks, so it seems that they are niche.

I’ve only seen the Gameboys and Nintendo 64s. There are also Folders that came from Gen 2 (haven’t found Gen 1 folders) currently not pictured. Let us know if you find the Pokedex as that would be a really neat find.

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It’s them again! Kyodo!