Flip it or rip it....

I keep stumbling upon these flip it or rip it videos on YouTube. The people rip every other card from a fresh pack without looking to see what the card is. Why?? What is the point of this? It really makes me cringe. There’s plenty of young kids that would love to have the cards these people at ripping. I just don’t get it. It pisses me off how wasteful people can be. I know they purchased the cards so they have the right to rip them but really? I just can’t get passed this one. What are your thoughts? Thanks for letting me vent.

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It’s a lame game made to garner attention and views to their youtube videos…I’ve seen it even on “popular” youtube channels such as AlphaInvestments.

The main point of this game is for the viewers to have a good laugh when they accidentally ripped a valuable card from the pack.

I do agree it’s a shame that they do this, but I do think it will be an eventual fad that will die out (I hope).


I hate the game, too. Someone might have really enjoyed those cards. I’ve also seen videos of people freezing their cards in blocks of ice, burning them with blowtorches, and dousing them with water. Like, why?


They need those gimmicks to ammuse their fan base of little kids.

It got started by Deriums with MTG way before they were famous for their DeriumsPokemon channel.

Alpha just rips off everything Deriums did years ago, but he has Kevin’s blessing so I guess it’s fair game.

I personally don’t see the appeal either, but whatever… It’s kinda like those “Will it blend?” or those Hydraulic press channels which put every object imaginable under a hydraulic press to be destroyed… Sometimes even expensive stuff like iPhones or laptops… :unamused:

Apparently some people think it’s enjoyable to watch, judging by the millions of views… If they want to waste money for views I’m not stopping them… I’m not watching either, though.


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I’m surprised we actually have members who know about, watch, and discuss this nonsense.


^ We should remix this to say Flip it Rip it

With the new youtube autoplay + recommended videos, watching youtube is like going through a wild encounter in pokemon…

For every bagon you encounter in Meteor falls…you’re going to go through a bunch of zubats…


You are one of those members now Gary lol :blush:

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I was thinking the same thing reading that NHL thread :blush: :wink:


Those views are worth more than those cards I guess.

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I wouldn’t doubt it if they are opening modern product.

They ripped a tarmogoyf in half (at the time it was like $200-$300), would play baseball with sealed booster boxes, set boxes on fire … lots of dumb wasteful stuff. That’s just Kevin though he doesn’t give a shit and thinks it’s funny to stir people up and get reactions … he has toned it down so much for his pokemon channel.

If you ever want to see what Derium is actually like www.youtube.com/user/DeriumsCCGs/videos