First Pokemon Poster?

Hi, im trying to help out a friend with a poster he has in his possession.

He believes it came from a magazine prior to the release of pokemon hence why the names of the pokemon are incorrect.

Does anyone have further information on it or why they have incorrect names for the pokemon.

Could it be these were the original names for the beta version? One point I noticed is that they’re limited to 7 characters in a name but doesn’t explain why are completely different.

Any help is appreciated.


I think the names are just cut off due to length/space.

some are completely different like seaking, chansey, gasly line, cubone, marowak and plenty more. There’s too many for it to be just that.

Prerelease names. Same poster on this article:


Yes, we can see that. Some, not all

Cool poster!

Cubone’s name is Orphon :sob:


Love Ess/Kargo and Att/Lantis


I like morpho better than ditto

The very first Pokemon poster would have to be this store release poster from the release of Base Set in 1996 in Japan

However, for me the ultimate Pokemon ephemera item would be one of the flyers handed out to the attendees on the 23rd and 24th of August 1996 at the 4th World Hobby Fair in Tokyo. I have never seen an image of one but thankfully it was mentioned in a research article. There are only a handful of items that advertised the Pokemon card game before its release in Oct 1996 the rest being the corocoro comics so it would be awesome to even get a glimpse of one!


Also side note/fun fact only 5 items were ever released advertising Pokemon cards prior to the release on 20th October 1996:

August 1996 corocoro comic (released 15th July 1996)
September 1996 corocoro comic (released 15th August 1996)
October 1996 corocoro comic (released 15th September 1996)
November 1996 corocoro comic (released 15th October 1996)
and lastly the 4th World Hobby Fair flyer (released 23rd and 24th of August 1996)
You could also argue that the Japanese Base Set store poster would fit in as the 6th item but there is no direct date release information but we can hazard a guess that it was available to stores prior to the release.


I guess tweets were restricted to 7 characters back then?

Did anyone else notice Jynx color is also the original one?

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Oh wow, it’s been a while since I came across these old names. Att/Lantis. Ny and La named after New York and Los Angeles to emphasize their pollution. Medusa because … duh. Karate - Kungfo - Judoh! Pudding and Custard. Man, I could have certainly grown attached to some of these names had they gone with them from the get go.

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Great little post. Like you, I love collecting ephemera. Unfortunately, I have NONE of those items. The World Hobby Fair handbills are definitely a holy grail among those of us who cherish this stuff.


this is the stuff i love this forum so much for. the level of research and knowledge here is incredible. bravo all.


@japanime I am fortunate to have located the latter 3 corcocoro comics just need August. As for the World Hobby Fair flyer I would be content with just a picture! It truly is a holy grail as you said, I am so curious as to what kind of artworks/designs it has. It is a shame that it has never surfaced but hopefully one of these days it shows up!

@shizzlemetimbers, I’m curious what do the corcocoro comic posters look like?

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Not posters per say, the corcocoro all feature prototype artworks advertising the card game before the release. Here is an example:

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@shizzlemetimbers, Thank you! That’s really neat!

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