Feb 16th - Feb 22nd - Marowak - Delta Species

**Card of the week - February 16th - February 22nd, 2014****Marowak - Delta Species

Marowak doesn’t get anough love in the TCG, sadly it’s a relatively forgettable Generation 1 Pokemon despite having quite a bit of lore and backstory to it.

Which Pokemon(besides Baby’mons) do you think is under represented in the TCG?**

More pidgey evo line please!

Colors are pretty awesome.

I think Stantler might be underepresentend. I would Like a Stantler EX

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I always felt Marowak was underrepresented in the TCG.

Here is my favorite card of it:


I love this one, it shows the Marowak in the Gameboy game with al the gastly’s in the background (in my mind)

plus she’s attackready!

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I want to see more Nidoking cards. Hopefully XY6 helps with this issue since XY5 had Nidoqueen, they’ve always been released together/one set later from each other. :blush:

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Completely agree, would love to see more base set representation in the newer sets. Personally id love to see a golduck EX or a hitmonchan/lee EX :grin:

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I love this card. Morty is one of my favorite gym leaders and I felt that the Vs cards represented him well in terms of his use of shady ghost and ghost-esk pokemon.

dewgong and parasect don’t get much love