Feb 23rd - Feb 28th - Groudon Gold Star - Delta Species

Card of the week - February 23rd - February 28th, 2014****Groudon Gold Star - Delta Species

It’s the last week of the Delta month and I just had to do one of the Delta Gold Stars for the final week. It was a toss up between Groudon and Alakazam.

What is your favourite Delta-era Gold Star?
(They are Celebi, Alakazam, Kyogre, Groudon, Metagross, Mew, Charizard.)****

As a huge fan of Metagross, the shiny Metagross is an excellent card. It’s not part of my collection goal, but I’ll definitely snag one in the future.

Groudon wasn’t in Crystal Guardians, @milhouse . He was in Delta Species?

You are correct, I was originally doing Alakazam but I couldn’t find a high enough resolution image without a watermark on it. Forgot to change it, thanks.

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When the right question presents itself

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I hate to repeat myself with this thing but Mew is definitely favourite from list above. So beautiful card to view in person.