Favorite Non-Japanese Art Academy Poll

Since we did the Favorite Japanese Art Academy Poll!, its now time for your favorite Non-Japanese Art Academy Cards! Feel free to make your choices below! :smiling_face:

  • Hawaii Pikachu - Xime
  • Pikachu - Ashley
  • Queen Pikachu - Me!
  • Primal Kyogre
  • Tangrowth
  • Chespin
  • Pikachu - Lily Chan
  • Pikachu - Rhivern
  • Pikachu - Meli
  • Mew
  • Kelceon
  • Delphox

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That Delphox deserves more votes


Chespin is clearly the best pick. Look at the adorable trainer-Pokemon interactions in the background!

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I’m happy to see someone appreciate chespin. I feel like it doesn’t get the attention of deserves. Also I remember the artist being super nice!

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Chameleon & Primal Orca.

Chespin is adorable! However, its evolution tree is a bit too Digimon-looking for me.

Not one usually for starters, but that Delphox looks amazing. The shadows from the fire behind pushes it over the edge.

the whole background of xime and color pallet of lily-chan are just phenomenal and are slept on in my opinion


Not a Kyogre fan, but that card looks really cool!

yep, Gabi is a great guy! Last december I had him as a judge for my art contest and he even sent me a video developing his thoughts on the drawings (actually he pick one of the wiiners!). Btw, he is working at Disney right now :slight_smile:

Back to the thread, I think my favourites are Tangrowth (perspective here is gorgeous) and Meli’s Pikachu. I also like Lily’s Pikachu background colors. Too bad Creatures and Pokemon Company doesn’t have Europe and other parts of the world in mind for this kind of stuff, they are amazing artist out there for sure!

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Yes! The Xime Hawaiian Pikachu was one of my choices, its so good! :palm_tree:


I voted Tangrowth because I like the style, but I would love to see a kabuki Pikachu promo some time!

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Primal Kyogre and Tangrowth S tier

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Had to go with Mew. Love the tail lure/Magicarp interaction.

Primal Kyogre, great contrast and stands out a little more than mew.

For me the Hawaii Dancer Pikachu from Xime is at no. 1, but I might be a bit biased as a Pikachu collector. It’s my favorite after the Japanese Pikachu Emotions one from the 12 AA Pikachu.

As for second English pick, I have to go with the Delphox. Love the darker background and lighting of the fire.

Definitely agree with this as well. I feel like all of them are amazing in their own right tbh, and it’s hard to pick just two from them. The winner herself (Didi) was also very kind, and included this cute unique artwork when I bought my Pikachu card from her:



Mew is my favorite, I like the multicolor look from the artist.


wow this is so cool!

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Just bumping this in case anyone else wanted to vote! :heart:

Poor Chespin is still at 3%. Y’all are so cruel. :laughing:

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