Favorite Generation of Pokémon

  • Gen 1
  • Gen 2
  • Gen 3
  • Gen 4
  • Gen 5
  • Gen 6
  • Gen 7
  • Gen 8
  • Gen 9

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Gen 2 has a special place in my heart. Pokemon Crystal was the first game I played as a kid.


Gen’s 1 through 3 are my favourites, I probably feel a touch more nostalgia for 1 and 2, but my favourite has to be 3. By 3 I was old enough to complete the games so I really got to know the Pokemon,


Same here! Blue was my first game and I ended up playing Red and Yellow. I was born in 1990 so even with those fond memories, I think Gens 2 and 3 hit me a little harder in the nostalgia department because I was a older and appreciated the games a bit more than Gen 1.


You’re pretty much identical to me. I was also born in 1990, so Red and Blue were my first games. But Gen 2 hits the nostalgia bone for me in a way that Gen 1 simply doesn’t. Not that I don’t love Gen 1, but Gen 2 is just different, and I can’t even really explain why. There’s just something about those games.


Good thing I could choose 2 gens. 2 and 3 are tied for my favorites. The music in 3 is amazing, along with the overall design. And honestly, 9/10 not enough water for me. I wish the diving was more fleshed out but whatever.

Gen 2 I just love because of the whole 2 regions, and the sprites. That transition between the goofy (and sometimes terrifying) gen 1 cartoon sprites and the more professional/standardized gen 3 sprite style is probably some of the best sprites in the game. Put gen 3 music/balance/mons into a gen 2 style game and it’s the perfect game for me at least.

I always circles back to 1-3. The later games haven’t been bad but a bunch from the sun/moon era and beyond I can’t even remember most of the time.

as someone who grew up with blue, the choice is easy… gen 3


Gens 1-4 are my favorites, but my top pick is definitely gen 3. Sapphire and Pearl/Platinum were definitely my most played.

Gen 9 really shines through for me as well, but it cant top nostalgia

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Gen2 is my fave. Maybe it was the first chance to have new Pokemon. Maybe it is because it introduced light Pokemon or shinning Pokemon. It was truly a ground breaking Gen . Meanwhile… Gen 5 exist. What does this Gen have to offer? It has to be has the bottom of the list. At least for me.

Gen 4 because that’s where I started playing in 2008 and have the most nostalgia for. Also gen 7 because Sun & Moon (the games) are what rekindled my love for Pokemon again because they finally changed the formula of the video games and finally felt like a new experience. I had a couple years where I still liked Pokemon but cared much less in 2014-2016. Haven’t looked back since Sun & Moon released

Legends Arceus gave me the same feeling of something new that S/M did, but it falls in a weird space where I definitely wouldn’t call Gen 8 my favorite.

honestly i could see it being my second favorite with enough time passed. its stacked with great mons

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Played the crap out of RBY, GSC, and Sapphire. Those were my 7 games, never had Ruby or Emerald. Also had the TCG game. Never played gen 4 unfortunately, so I don’t get any of the Leafeon/Glaceon references.

Favorite game of those 7 is Crystal. Yellow comes in 2nd place.

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Wow! I did not expect the swing from Gen 3 in first, to Gen 3 in third with a sizeable lead going to Gen 2. I have to say, that most of my memories are with Gen 2. I played on the bus. I played at gigs. I played in black and white and Color… Gen 1 got me started, but Gen 2 really kept my attention and imagination. It also seemed cleaner and more polished (color graphics helped of course. Night and day provided more variety…

Maybe it’s because Gen 2 was anticipated, and IT DID NOT DISAPOINT. If Gen 2 had not lived up to Gen 1, would I hold Gen 1 more near and dear? This is the most nerdy thing in my apartment, and it’s clear what my favorite is…


Poll closed. Gen 2 won with gen 1 in second place barely beating gen 3. Thank you for voting everyone!


Gen 4 is my favorite generation by far. I was very young playing Gen 3 and don’t have vivid memories of the game like I had while playing Diamond & Platinum. Additionally, I really enjoyed hacking my game as a kid and getting all the hidden legendaries such as Darkrai and Shaymin. While it made the game kind of a joke, those are some of my fondest Pokemon memories looking back. Also, Gen 4 was the first time you could connect your handheld to the internet and trade with people online! I remember receiving lots of trades from japanese players with sick Pokemon; I remember getting traded all of the Deoxys forms at one point.

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