Favorite ex Era Reverse Holos

Talking about favorite ex sets on the discord got me thinking about a poll for favorite ex era reverses. I tried grouping together the ones that are the same (from what I could tell). Also bonus poll at the bottom because I’m curious everyone’s opinions on ex deoxys in particular.

  • E reader reverses (Ruby/sapphire through TMTA)
  • Hidden Legends
  • FireRed LeafGreen
  • Team Rocket Returns
  • Deoxys
  • Emerald
  • Unseen Forces
  • Delta Species (Delta species through Power Keepers)
  • Legend Maker

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  • ex Deoxys reverses are great
  • I’m indifferent to ex Deoxys reverses
  • ex Deoxys reverses are terrible

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EX era reverse holo >


TRR, LM and FRLG, in that order.

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Just a reminder of unseen forces 3d pokeball affect that not everyone might not know about… :eyes:


Here are examples:

Ruby/Sapphire - TMTA

Hidden Legends

FireRed LeafGreen




Unseen Forces

Delta Species

Legend Maker


I voted for EX Legend Maker because I love the vintage cosmos holo pattern.

But if I am really being honest with myself:


I was about to add an honorable, nostalgic mention to UF. The holo effect has a dreamy quality to it, when you don’t see the poke balls it reminds me of sparkly christmas paper and how old people decorate their homes during Advent and Christmas, purple followed by red with confetti stars everywhere.

Thank you. Great to have them all together!

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I voted Legend Maker. The cosmos does it for me

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Hidden legends is every bit as good as FRLG and TRR dont lie to yourselves

Not really a huge reverses person, but I voted Delta Species since they’re essentially just holo+.

The FRLG reverse has varied size for the energy symbols making it look closer to the varied cosmo pattern while hidden legends basically has them all the same size in rows. Thats what makes the FRLG reverse holo much stronger imo.

Overall Im surprised FRLG is winning, I did not expect it. I would’ve thought TRR, legend maker or delta species to be in first place and FRLG to be mid.

On an added note. Interestingly, TRR has similar holo pattern to FRLG but also the holofoil set symbol as well as gold name/hp for the rare reverses which FRLG doesn’t have but FRLG is like double the votes of TRR. Maybe people just really like holofoil pokeball.

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Not that surprised based on what I’ve heard people say. Agree with you about Hidden Legends, not quite up there with FRLG.

HL has the energy symbols instead of pokeballs as well as double symbols for the mix types which is cool

But im in the minority anyways i like the regular holos better


Deoxys reverses were so bad, at the moment we opened boosters of them (I think it was at worlds 2005) they curled. Quality was bad, missing “reverse” print layers. Looking most times as psa 5 cards iso of a 9 or 10 as you would expect from pack fresh.


They get the little frays on the edges too

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Commons and uncommons I say Legend Maker because of the cosmos holo.

Rare and holo rare reverses I say FRLG because that Pokeball stamp hits different in the text field.

What I find interesting is how FRLG is the most popular RH pattern and HL is the least popular. The patterns are almost identical! I did vote for FRLG, though, because I prefer the smaller energy symbols. But I would’ve expected people to like the RHs from each set basically equally.


Looks pretty good with no ink on it