Fake Neo Gen Japanese Box on PokeRev Youtube




Is this the first Japanese resealed box to surface on YouTube?

Insanity. I’ve never seen such convincing counterfeits. I’m thinking that whoever printed them had access to a bunch of real Media Factory cardstock?

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Glad I’m not a sealed collector, that fake was very convincing… worrying times


Is it strange that all these non-1st edition base set box fakes are popping up now?
has it finally become financially worthwhile to fake these boxes? I remember when 1st
edition base set box scams were going on and the price of the box was around $10,000.

Most of the box fakes I’ve seen lately are $10-20k boxes. At that price, buying the
equipment necessary to do a few of these jobs, convincingly, would be justified. You
don’t even need to buy empty boxes. They could buy a sealed box, use the pack wrappers,
box and cellophane wrap again while keeping the raw cards.


I’m pretty sure these boxes are known to be highly faked. Buying a box with a clear wrap is pretty much a no go.

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@hisoka107,What 1st edition box isn’t 10-20k? Where are unlimited Jungle and Fossil at right now? Basically it’s becoming worthwhile for a scammer to choose any box to swindle someone.

This is another reason why I wish we were in solid contact with the Japanese side of the hobby and see what norms are known there. This was startling to see. Feel bad for the dude.


Thought Pokerev was more experienced but he coulnd’t tell a fake glossy blurred card with different numbers from an original copy he owned. Sad to hear and all the support to him cos he is a legit guy.


Printing was decent, but not even close to the real deal.

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You see him tear that holo at the 51:30 mark lol

His face.

Said it before. More people on the hobby equals more fakes and scammers.

Oh completely agreed, the actual print quality was nothing too special. However, the cosmo holo pattern and the rip test were indistinguishable from real cards, at least in my experience. The most likely explanation I can think of would be that whoever produced those cards somehow got their hands on some blank holo and non-holo Media Factory cardstock and then tried to print their own cards with it, but that’s just my theory haha.

I’ve seen these fakes before at worlds. I remember referencing them on the forum. The clarity is definitely better than most fakes. Rev’s box had a lot wrong with them: Incorrect texture, incorrect text, incorrect clarity on the back, incorrect card variety in packs. I think maril was the last card in more than half the packs.

Nick handled the situation very well!


@smpratte, Yeah add on the pressure of live and people paying money for the packs, super professional a classic E4ian!


@smpratte what year did you see the fake box? Just so we can get a possible time frame for this.
It was pretty crazy to watch this live while in discord chat. While watching on my phone at work I didn’t suspect the cards of being fake but once I was home watching on my computer it was a lot more obvious. The Holos were what really gave it away.

Scott do you think these types of reseales are coming from china or over sea’s. I know china has a history of making counterfiet items in the collectable hobby. I really hope these can be traced to person making these.

These remind me of yugioh fakes from 2003/2004. I really doubt these were made recently.


Wouldn’t be surprised if this box was faked a long while ago in some mass production. Especially since these convincing neo fakes have popped up before.


Yea those packs repeated so it got real obvious that they were fake. I was suprised that it took him to long to agree something was very wrong. The difference in print and color alone is a GIANT red flag.

That being said, he handled it EXTREMELY well. That is some serious on the spot pressure. Dealing with all those refunds is a NIGHTMARE. I feel for ya buddy!