Exorbitant shipping fees from Goldin

Bought a low value card yesterday, and got an invoice from Goldin today, and this must be insane shipping&handeling, After all, I pay premium and seller probely paid a fee for selling.


A 10$ cards, end up with all fees total 110,29$

PSA shippes cards at 34$, why does Goldin charge 94,77$


Where in the world do you live lol

that’s a glitch or a bug, id contact customer service


I would def consider opening a PSA vault in that case until you have more to ship if they allow you to open one. That $94 is insane


Not much you can do about it then, I live in Norway as well and shipping is crazy. You also have to be ready for import charges too. I would open a PWCC vault. I send a lot of card there and then do one big shipment per year and I save a ton doing this


Send it to a middleman in the U.S. They can get it to you for much less than $94 shipping.

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I sent it to Vault, but just found the invoice insane with that shipping.

When I have a few more i need, so will i have to send it to my middlemann.

Just can’t understand the price diffrent from PSA and Goldin

It could be insurance related.

Insurance was only 0,11$

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I’ll do better to read next time :saluting_face:


thats insane most costly shipping i paid from USA to me (thailand) was 60$ and thats thailand

Such low value cards should be a c/uc and hence, widely available everywhere by the same regard.

I would thus buy such low value cards locally, either from sellers or card shops in my local area. Would never buy from websites or overseas due to high shipping costs.

Peter from Goldin here. Sorry that you had a negative experience with the shipping. Goldin uses a minimum tier of service with Fedex (I believe 7 day for Europe but don’t quote me), and there is unfortunately costs associated with that, even if your items are only $10-20 each. The system does not allow for lower level shipping like an untracked or global cargo freight option as then packages would take one to three months and people would be complaining about shipping times and some would do chargebacks. What I personally do is just send all my items to the vault and then ship from there. You will save the sales tax and then only pay $6 per card ($1 after 90 days) to ship anywhere on the planet (I live in Canada and had a package show up this week only after a few days).

Hit me up any time you have Goldin questions or issues!