Outrageous Shipping Costs on eBay

I am pretty upset right now…

I won 13 cards from eBay a few days ago and the seller charged $3.00 shipping for each. Well I asked for an invoice and I was charged $33 for shipping!!

When I sent them a message asking why the shipping wasn’t combined, they said that I could pay for each card individually or they’d cut the shipping to $15. $15?!?!?!?! It’s 13 cards and we both live in the United States!! What are they going to do?? Send them OVERNIGHT??

It’s insane! I haven’t responded to them yet because I’m pretty furious… I really want to work something out with them.

Do you guys have any suggestions on reasoning with this seller? I think $5.00 is a much more fair price for shipping. All they need is a small bubble envelope, and $2 for shipping the cards… I don’t even need tracking…


I was thinking about sending this message:

Does that sound okay?

That is terrible. If it were me I’d make some bs and say that ebay requires sellers to provide reasonable combined shipping or you’re not obligated to complete the purchase. Something like that and if they’re not cooperating threaten negative feedback. Its not exactly fair to make them drop to $5 though, maybe $9 is better. Most sellers at least charge $0.50 to $1.00 per additional card.

Always ask about combined shipping ahead of time because things like this are really frustrating but easily avoided.

Also that is a good message. Please also keep in mind that sellers pay ebay fees on their shipping fees and even factor in that they have to drive to the post office (my post office is 30 minutes away and gas is expensive :slightly_frowning_face:). I think its acceptable to charge an extra $1.00-$1.50 for those reasons.

I wasn’t sure what a good shipping cost was. :blush: I think $9 is pretty fair. Especially compared to $33 or $15…

Hopefully they’re cooperative to my message and we can get things worked out.

Yeah I’ve definitely learned my lesson! I guess I just assumed people automatically combined shipping prices… Not a good assumption! lol

That’s very true. I never thought of it that way. I always print shipping labels off at home and stick the cards in my mailbox. My mail carrier takes them for me. Thanks for pointing that out. =]

I definitely want to make sure the seller doesn’t lose money, but I want a fair deal also. =]

My shipping costs: $1.29 for actual domestic shipping + $0.50 for a bubble mailer + $0.20 for top loader and sleeve + $1.00 surcharge + $0.20 ebay fee for a grand total of $3.19

Each additional item I tend to ship for an extra $0.25 to a point. If it gets to be way too many items I have to upgrade the shipping method and price. So I end up charging $1.00 extra per card and if I overcharge them for shipping (if I didn’t have to upgrade the method) then I always refund the difference.

Absolutely agree with you! Even $9 is slightly high but still way better than $15. I hope it works out for you. If you get it and they shipped it out a $1 shipping method leave them a neutral and low DSR for shipping cost :wink:

Well I ship priority with a bubble mailer on everything so within the US it is around $8 and for international $16-$17. This also includes delivery confirmation.

Thanks for all of the advice.

The last response I got after I sent the message in my opening post was “The items are listed for cheap because I don’t combine shipping.”

No where in their listing did they specify that. And from what I read on eBay, charging shipping like that is against their policy…

I offered to go up to $10 on shipping. I really don’t want to get eBay involved…but I guess I will if it comes down to it…

If they don’t cooperate get Ebay involved. The funny thing some sellers don’t realize is that ebay charges final value on shipping cost now too so they don’t save anything if they make the price low and shipping high

I would hate to agree with with the seller but isn’t he still right if he does not want to combine shipping?
If you won each individual card then there is shipping on each. Unless he states he will combine then people should not assume. Lets say if you bought all 13 in a lot it would have to be combined as there would only be 1 shipping charge, if the seller then wanted to charge individual shipping then you can make a claim on that.

I don’t really know the deal with eBay and their policies but I’m sure he is still ‘technically’ in the right.

Sorry to go against you, I know how frustrating thing like this can be, it’s like you can get easily screwed out of some things if you don’t read the ‘small print’. Eg. My iPad for £50 from Tesco! :slightly_frowning_face:

You actually are 100% correct frosty. Its just really frustrating when this happens as a buyer. I am not sure though, there may be a rule on ebay where you must offer combined shipping? I’m not sure.

If he doesn’t offer it then make sure he ships every card to you individually :wink:

Yes, I totally see where you’re coming from Frosty. =] It’s just a frustrating situation that I get to learn from…

I don’t think it’s a rule on eBay, but it is a polite thing to do for your customers.

Haha. That’s funny, cbd! If they don’t combine shipping, I’ll have to back out of purchasing. I can’t do $33.00 for shipping on 13 cards… :confused: I paid $13 to ship 2000 cards just yesterday! :wink:

EDIT: We can’t come to an agreement so I’m not going to buy. Lesson learned…

Ah sorry to hear that, people are just not polite as you said.
People take it just as business and not for overall customer satisfaction. They get their money that’s the only thing they want.

Cbd that’s hilarious, I would definitely expect many packages if your paying that amount for them to be separate!

It is not morally right to charge an outrageous amount for shipping to avoid eBay fees (it’s like 5% compared to 8%) just because you can do it doesn’t make it right.

I can understand certain items that require a lot of shipping… but 13 Pokemon cards.

That’s my 2 cents. :blush:

What makes me sick to my stomach is how it seems most people is ok with unnecessarily high shipping costs, especially when the excuse is that I live in Canada. Imagine having to pay $50 for shipping on a single card? I’m not exaggerating either. Ebay global shipping is disgustingly expensive but every seller uses it and refuses to use normal mail carriers. I have stopped buying cards on eBay, unless it’s from the three sellers who have cheap/affordable shipping, if they don’t have what I’m looking for then I’m not buying it. High shipping costs make me angry and sad and infuriated :rage::sob::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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