Evolutions PSA 10 Staff Prerelease

Hi everyone I was just wondering how everyone would value the Staff Gyarados, Machamp & Mewtwo?

At PSA 10 Machamp & Gyarados are POP 4 with approx 80 cards graded. Mewtwo is POP 5 with approx 120 cards graded.

This is In comparison to the Zard which is POP 37 with approx 320 graded.

It seems they are hard to grade!
Thanks legends😊

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They are extremely difficult to grade since many of them came miscut or got some sort of damage in the wrapping.

They’re probably around $1k each

I’d say over $1000 each easy, i had 2 mewtwos from a store and they were both extremely miscut and damaged from the wrapper itself.

Did the staff promos come in cellophane? I was under the impression that that cards were simply just placed loose inside the staff kits

I find it interesting that a few years later there are still no more PSA 10s out there. And no one up for sale on eBay.