PSA 10 2018 Lost Thunder STAFF SM151 Giratina POP 1

Hey, I’m pretty new to the graded Pokemon scene but I recently got my PSA submission back and my Lost Thunder Giratina Staff card is a PSA 10 with a population of 1. We all know “older, minter, rarer, better” but what would you say is a fair price for a card like this? I can’t find any more raw staff cards on eBay but I’d say odds of another PSA 10 are quite low.

Are staff cards desirable? I like Giratina, but is it a popular Pokemon?

Pop Report

If you’re not selling why does it matter

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I’d like to hear some appraisals or get an understanding of how the hobby generally values Staff cards.

I think it can be difficult to ascertain value on something like this. I am certainly no expert, but I would say you generally may have to work out a price that you feel the card is worth. I would base that around where the current PSA 9 sales of this card are. I can only really find one sold listing for a PSA 9 copy of the card on PSA’s website, which seems to be about $50. I am not sure if that was an auction that ended at $50, but wasn’t sold or what, but a PSA 10 non-staff copy seems to have sold for around $120. In that case I think you could probably say this card may be worth around $300? Again, I am no expert, just trying to piece together an idea. You may feel this card is worth more, which is entirely up to you, but I suppose at the end of the day there needs to be a sweet spot between what you’re willing to accept for it and what someone else is willing to pay for it.

Either way, it’s pretty sweet that you got that card and if you are looking to sell it at some point, I certainly love me some prerelease promos lol. As someone who does, I find it incredibly strange that most of them stay relatively cheap. Even WotC era prereleases are inexpensive (with the exception of Clefable, although even that one isn’t THAT expensive all things considered imo). I guess the market for these cards is so miniscule that a lot of the pricing may be left up to interpretation lol.

Hope this was at least a little bit helpful!

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