Evolutions charizard #11

Just wondering what everyone’s thoughts are of this cards pop report? Low 10 numbers compared to the massive 8 and 9 numbers. With no real market knowledge, I would guess that its value should rise more then the other charizards from the same set long term due to this? Shout out to pokemonprice.com too

It might rise a bit, but at the end of the day, so many were printed that if the price ever starts to see a healthy amount of growth, you’ll just see thousands and thousands more submitted for grading.


Crystal ball question of the day. With the steady growth in the player base, and the belief that there will be a bigger demand/ market overall for pokemon 20 years from now. And assuming the current gen of players that will be nostalgic for them will have a financial footprint at this time. Do u think the future market could absorb them?

Well this card already earns a big premium because it’s hard to grade. You can buy a mint copy for like $10 or less. I know certain people that literally have hundreds if not over a thousand copies by now.

I wouldn’t bet against any Charizard, but no I would not invest $200 on PSA 10 copies.


Evolutions is a gateway drug for casual/new collectors.

The only thing I’d touch in this set is a PSA 10 staff zard but at that price point you’re better off buying any grade of 1st base Zard.

Staff Zard while truly a rare release just isn’t a 1st ed. Zard.

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No, because there are too many of them printed and it’s pretty much part of the pull-culture for people to sleeve their good cards as soon as they get them now. Back in 1999 there weren’t nearly as many cards and kids were mainly playing with them. Now you have just as many collectors as players and with the crazy amount of cards being printed now, there’s just an overabundance of product that can be pumped into PSA whenever the demand rises. If you want to collect a zard from this set, you need to invest in Staff or Pre-Release stamp. They have limited prints and have a better chance of rising (they have already done so)


Sadly PSA 9’s pop report will always be a incredibly inaccurate due to the fact that people crack cases repeatedly without sending back the label increasing the pop report multiple times for each card.

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That’s true, but it doesn’t really matter if the real pop is 1000 or 1500 or whatever. It just gives people a general idea that a card from a given set is very difficult to earn a 10.


I speculated the price would increase moving forward when the PSA 10 POP was very low. I bought at a high of $400 and a low of $220. That was when the PSA 10 POP was 30+ early 2017.

Looking at how the market is getting more optimized as Scott put it, the price would most probably stay at where it is for some time.

I have since sold all my PSA 10 copies to breakeven and recoup my cash to buy rarer, more unique cards like prize/trophy cards.

This is a very hard card to grade as there is always at least one print line. I have handled many ungraded copies before as I wanted to build a 180-card binder with half holos and half reverse holos. Only two out of 40 copies that I owned do not have a print line and I sent them for grading. Due to weak corners, they came back 9s.

You must understand that sometimes, just because a card is hard to grade and features a popular species, it doesn’t mean that the price would increase. Sure it has a greater probability to increase in price but there is still the risk that the market doesn’t absorb it. Best way is to check eBay to see which cards get sold more often at a steadily increasing sold price.

*the holo is very nice in my opinion. The 3D effect is really mesmerizing, more so than the original galaxy foil.


damn @chok, highs of 400?

There’s still only 58 of these and its sub $300 rn: www.pokemonprice.com/CardDetails/054386b4-f651-491d-b56f-3a7d09bd6275/charizard-holo

Only 38 of these still and its sub $300. Both wayyyy older/less printed. www.pokemonprice.com/CardDetails/4218c8f1-2482-41d8-8f9f-a0c423c2d5cf/charizard-holo

I’m glad you broke even but why did you pull the trigger on xy when it’s not even original artwork and was such a newer mass produced set?

Yup believe it or not, the first few PSA 10s went for $500 and some change.

I was very new to the hobby (rejoined the hobby in Nov 2016 and joined efour in Jan 2017) then. I didn’t use efour as a platform to ask questions back then, only have WTB threads at the start.

Based on my intuition, I went for the Evo Charizard because it had a really low pop count. I think only 28 or 29 PSA 10s when I bought my copy for $400. I thought that since this version had significantly less copies than the unlimited ($600 at the time for PSA 10s and over 200 PSA 10s I believe) Over the few months, the POP increased 1-4 per week and that was when I sold mine.

I started using efour a lot after that, reading into info and gathering knowledge where I could, even going back to threads from 2011-2014 and found that trophy cards are really unique and different in every way. I realised that I really like rare cards, like going for the lower pop XY Charizard rather than the base unlimited, Rayquaza GS, stormfront Charizards etc. but it hit me that set cards aren’t really rare at all since they will always be increasing in PSA 10 numbers. Trophy cards however have a cap in how many exist and can be graded. The challenge of finding one is another story in today’s market. It just made sense to me to find those.

If I truly like a set card, I just get the ungraded version and put them into my binders.

*Sorry this turned into a backstory :grin:

EDIT: back in early-mid 2017 there were only 7 PSA 10 stormfront charizards. I got mine when there were 10ish copies. Expect more to be graded in the future.