Opinions On Psa 10 Crystal Charizard

This card has jumped around in price for the past few years. I remember seeing it go for like $6k a few years ago, and as low as $1.9K last year. The last one sold on ebay for $2.7k (or around that) and the cheapest one left on ebay is at $5k There are only 161 psa 10s and for such a beautiful card from a desirable set, im surprised that pop is so low. Plus im sure there are a handful of people that have more than one copy. So my main question is, what do you think about the future value of this card?

I think it will do well but I would never judge a card’s value on “the cheapest one on eBay”. Where are you getting info about a confirmed $6k sale that went through?

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I think the Crystal Zard will always be in close proximity to the 1st edition Shining Charizard being relatively close Pop in a PSA 10 and both from desirable sets. Generally, the crystal has been priced slightly more the past year but Neo being the hot set the past few months the 1st ed. Shining has hit the $3k mark on Ebay. I would assume the crystal Zard is about the same in value give or take a few hundred. The Gold star Charizard pop has not even hit 100 yet it’s astonishing.

PSA 10 population as of today.

Crystal Zard: 161
1st Ed. Shining: 193
Gold Star Chariard: 86

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The $6k sale was from like 3 years ago. I have no idea how to pull up that info now. I also dont base my values on a current ebay listing. However, i wanted to use it as an example with it being the cheapest on ebay at the moment. Another one can listed 20 mins from now at $3k for all i know.

I actually didnt know the gold star zard pop was so low. Holy shit lol didnt think about it either but i do think the 1st ed shining zard is great comparison

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I feel shining and goldstar will always be above crystals


Last Crystal Charizard that sold for $2700 (PSA10 from last PWCC) had 2 white dots on the top back of the card, that were very visible; if the card didnt have those i bet it would have gone for more).

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Just checked that sold one and saw what ya mean. Even buying a psa 10 i always wanna see condition before buying. That was a good catch

Many other collectors pointed that it was “a weak 10” due to those white dots on the back. Let’s see what happens when next one goes up for auction.


Yeaaa im curious how many other weak 10s are out there of that card