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Hey guys,

Someone has probably ask this before, but I could not find it by searching - Any of you know or have any information on the ebay seller thepokemonshark? I want to buy some items from him, but pay through paypal only.



It is a huge risk to do paypal only on ebay… Good luck.


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Whoops! I can see the confusion LOL.
I mean just with paypal, on ebay. Like, messaging to pay for it without going through ebay from a seller.

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Only if you send the money as a gift :stuck_out_tongue: (would advise against ever doing this). If you get the seller to send you an invoice then they avoid a 10% final value fee that eBay would give them but you both still get all the protection from Paypal.

With regards to OP, I have sent that seller a few messages in the past and I don’t think he/she responded to any of them. Sad face.


Haha, I probably should have said it some other way - pretty tired when I made the thread, traveling aboard a cruise ship does not help my sleep cycle.

I see, he/she has not responded to any of my messages either, thought I might ask here before drawing any conclusions.

But thanks for the help

Make sure you understand what is going on in the transaction.

Generally speaking, PayPal is entirely safe to pay through directly. PayPal is owned by eBay and has almost identical protection for sellers and buyers alike. However, some sellers like to confuse the buyer with payment in attempt to steal your money. That is why you need to be sure you know what is happening when you send payment. If a seller refunds you and asks for payment to a specific email address, that is a red flag. There are other things to look out for, but pay attention to odd behavior like you normally would.

Actually, paypal and eBay are splitting up due to irreconcilable differences.
My advice? Three part

  1. Buy eBay stock.

  2. Sell PayPal stock.

  3. Buy Apple stock (ApplePay should be big)

Thanks guys, but I really do not need any PayPal or ebay advice since I am quite familiar with both. Not quite sure how this thread turned out to be a lecture on them thought haha.

I got my answer from @xuzu so someone can go ahead and close this thread or whatever.

No one is lecturing you. Take a breath. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s just people trying to offer their best advice on a broad range of related topics. Remember that other people read these threads, so while something might not immediately pertain to your needs, the advice could be very helpful to our viewers. :blush:

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I guess so - it just looked weird from my perspective haha


PayPal and eBay are splitting up because Carl Icahn thinks PayPal has more up side than eBay.

"Friday’s announcement represents the impending culmination of a processes started by activist investor Carl Icahn, who agitated for the separation of the payments unit from eBay. Donahoe resisted at first, but then eBay’s top management agreed last September to begin work on an amicable corporate divorce. EBay bought PayPal in 2002.

PayPal had $8 billion in revenues last year, nearly as much as the $8.8 billion of its parent company, and processed $235 billion in payment volume through 165 million active customer accounts"

Buy Apple stock but not because of ApplePay

"Rite Aid and CVS Health disabled technology last month that would allow customers to use Apple Pay in some stores. The two drugstore chains are part of a group developing a competing mobile-payment system called CurrentC. Other members include Wal-Mart Stores and Best Buy.

Industry observers say the reluctance of some merchants to embrace Apple Pay all comes down to one thing: fees. And consumers are likely to remain caught in the midst of this tug-of-war between credit-card networks and merchants for some time."

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I remember my high school Econ teacher constantly bragging to us about how he bought Apple stock at $40 per and then it jumped to $100+.

I wished I bought Select Comfort at .19 a share and sold it 4 years later for $34.06 a share.


That’s a good jump. Thing with stocks is, it isn’t always easy to predict which ones will turn into piles of profit, and which ones will be duds.

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Too poor for that. I spend all my disposable income on cards. :slightly_frowning_face:


Lol…me too brother;)

What’s WRONG?
Splitting up and irreconcilable differences was ironically said in jest so “chill out”. Anybody can do a google search for info on Icahn if they didn’t already see that info in the hundred articles previously written on it lol.
And finally,
Buy Apple and eBay and sell PayPal. We are allowed opinions on the U;)