Bad/ Rude Ebay seller/buyers

Not sure if this is allowed. I remember seeing something before about this but couldn’t find the thread to continue in. I have been on ebay for over 6+ years now. And I have always asked sellers if they are interested in a paypal deal. 99% of the time it isn’t an issue. But I just had a run in with a very rude seller who I won’t name yet. But he supposedly reported me and started calling me a liar and a scam artist blah blah blah. He was very rude about everything and I just want to warn against him.

Wait I’m confused.

You won’t name the seller… But want to warn us against them??

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I believe he was waiting to see what an admin had to say whether it was permitted or not.


I hate it when I propose to a buyer or seller about going through Paypal but it’s a new thing to them and they don’t quite understand it and respond a bit suspiciously. Makes me feel so shady.


i HAVE RESPONDED WITH WHAT MIGHT SOUND INCREDIBLY SHADY TO A FAIR FEW PEOPLE WITH THE BEST OF INTENTIONs… I go out of my way to do ta tingZ for people, but sometimes i have had some peeps call me some crazy tingz. xD

i Usually respond with telling them that they are smelly pirate hookers, and I was only trying to help them, and that they should go back to there home on W**** Island… I am such a nice civilised human bean.

This. The first time I had this proposed to me, I was suspicious (in hindsight I was right to be).

Also, I think if the buyer proposes it it’s a lot more credible than if the seller does.


Right, because the buyer is the one taking the larger risk if its not as described. I understand where the seller is coming from depending on how you asked, feedback and reasoning.

I think it’s really down to the buyer to ask for this rather than the seller to offer it unless you are already familiar with the person, you do have your stuff listed on ebay so it would be expected that you use that platform for your sales from a buyers perspective.

Yes what your saying is correct. With most people i always say if you want to do it cheaper we go through paypal invoice, and sometimes they ask will you do through paypal for this price. I have a few customers that keep coming back.
I sell 95% of my stuff outside the bay, and use the bay to contact people and annoy the crap out of dem. I sell my shit much faster then most by annoying so many people xD … because im pro. because here at pokemonsyndicates bay store, where better than you. It really sucks though… If i didnt go through paypal, my ebay feedback would be like 1,000 ,… However, my deals even though there through paypal, are still way lower then other sellers, so even if i did add the ebay fees over the top and left dem on the bay, they would destroy the other peeps deal wise… But doing private sales is much better for the market imo, and i like most of my stuff to remain private.

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It all depends on the circumstances, item dollar amount, your offer and all that good stuff.

I have had reasonable people from the forum or at least repeat eBay buyers contact me on an item looking for 5-8% off through paypal direct. Often times I simply reply with the offer they asked for through eBay as I don’t mind paying their fees and I have wiggle room of up to 10% on most items. 5% - 8% is reasonable as both the buyer and seller benefit, but on a $10 item or less sometimes? I mean really? We all need to value our time a little more sometimes and just cough up the extra 50 cents instead of spending 20 minutes back and forth trying to haggle over nickels and dimes while cutting eBay out of a profit it rightfully deserves.

Worse yet, sometimes they ask for 5% off and I grant it with an eBay offer reply, then they say “well if you do that through eBay, why not just another 5% off again through paypal”. That pisses me right off. So I met your price and am willing to pay the fees and now you just want more money off. What started out as someone reasonably seeking a deal for both parties often turns into some cheapskate trying to save themselves as much money as possible. I have seen this a few times and kindly tell those people to F off and block them from bidding on my items.

I also have seen the buyers who want to deal for $20 paypal direct on a $50 item. I say no and they get mad and mention the fees I could save. I enlighten them to the fact that 9% of $50 is only $4.50, not $30. Sometimes those people I don’t even bother replying to which I should stick to. At times though I have had a few adult beverages and then sometimes I counter by asking them if they want to pay $80 for my $50 item instead. They often don’t like that and get their panties all up in a bunch over it.


As an seller/buyer with 100% positive feedback of 300+ I didn’t see how I would be considered a scam artist like this dude said. I was very polite and explained my side very clearly. He simply had no interest and was clearly very irrate about being asked. I appologized many times. I guess the nice Canadian approach didn’t work.

Absolutely they’d be right to be suspicious, I can’t argue with that. It just makes you feel bad haha

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I completely get that, especially because (rightly or wrongly) it’s a fairly commonly done thing. But I guess a lot of people aren’t familiar with that practice and get spooked.

Make a note to not ask for outside deals.

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