Ebay user refuses to apologize

I think you’d be better off letting this go. There’s nothing of value at stake here except your time. I totally get the motivation to vent when someone chooses to believe something false about you or your actions/intentions. It can be pretty disruptive emotionally to have someone believe something you know is completely untrue and then speak and treat you like you’re the liar when it’s actually them being dishonest. It could even make you second guess yourself about it and wonder if somehow you did make a mistake in your memory of this listing.

For that person to be so accusative without any consideration that they could be mistaken says way more about their integrity than it does yours.

Ultimately though, I wouldn’t think on this anymore imo. I’ve had countless similar exchanges in the past and the only thing I gained was less time and more negativity. That dude is not centered and at least in this exchange is psychologically manipulative. I would block and let it go and spare yourself your time.


@teraz, Hit it on the head! It’s really tough to not respond to horrible messages. But its the best thing to do, as the internet allows people to be unnaturally cruel. If it makes you feel better, here is one I just got from no prior sale or communication:



I just wasted 2 minutes of my life reading that. Just don’t engage, what is the point?


Unless you plan on responding to someone with something short and sweet like “get fucked”, I recommend never responding to ppl on ebay at all. It’s not tinder. It’s not instagram. It’s not facebook. People sell things there and that’s it.

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the guy is basically handing you the Uno reverse card with that -1


when she asks your height


I should make that image into a nft. It has so many layers!

I know this guy, he is an agent for pro athletes and has a massive collection 10s of millions. Very cocky

This is the best kinda guy to respond to with a simple “get fucked”

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If you can’t say something nice and positive, or respond as such, it’s best to overlook/ignore. That includes all of us even on e4 posts. The biggest threat to the hobby we all love is from within which we are all responsible for.
I especially had to learn this cause in my day we were taught to defend ourselves. Now with the internet that’s changed.

lol’d hard. was not expecting that.

So what you’re telling me is; Jerry Maguire likes collecting Pokémon cards! :grin: