eBay Lots - anyone buying?


There’s some eBay lots going soon, base set Japanese + fossil etc which I’m gonna bid on. I just wanted to check no one else is bidding as there’s no point us getting in to a bid war if we can avoid it?

Well overall good got loads of sets =D Lost on neo 4 though the one i most wanted with shining tyranitar :slightly_frowning_face: But nevermind!

I missed the auctions…shining tyranitar and unown z are the last two cards I need from that set

Wow you have the other shinings :open_mouth: can you remember where you got them and how much for?

I got those a long time ago, don’t remember them all. I know I got the Noctowl, Steelix, and Kabutops when I bought a huge set of Neo 1-4 cards, the lot was like $100 bucks. I traded a Grand Party for the Shining Raichu. I think I got the Celebi and Neo 3 Shining Gyarados for $50 combined, the Charizard for $100, and the mewtwo I can’t remember

If you are lucky you can catch some Shining cards for 30 bucks… I got Shining Mewtwo for that much and I have seen Shining Charizard going for about that much. I got LUCKY and got Celebi for 7