Shining Cards Wanted

I’m looking for;

Shining Steelix
Shining Raichu
Shining Mewtwo
Shining Celebi
Shining Tyranitar

All from the Neo Destiny set.

They must be 1st edition and in mint - very near mint condition.

Will buy individually. I live in the UK but will cover any postage costs from other countries.

PM with prices.



(I want these too!)


I’m trying to complete the set but there rarely on eBay in 1st edition and in the condition I want.

I did spot 1st Ed Shining Kabutops in mint condition 2 weeks back for £25 buy it now which I got.

Someone had Steelix, Mewtwo and Tyranitar but wanted £50 each, I didn’t think it was worth it so missed out on them.

I’m beginning to think you’re not paying too much, these cards are just crazy expensive.

In all seriousness UPCCC peeps, try to help Becky out if you can. I do want these but have no money!

yea the 1st editions of those shiny cards are very hard to find.your lucky enough to even find a 1st ed box now.just keep searching sooner or later they will appear and sometimes gets very cheap

I’m willing to pay the going rate but I felt £50 each on those 3 was overpriced unless it was actually a good price? Maybe I’ll make a price discussion thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It was footballjuian who had the mint 1st ed Shining Kabutops for £25 buy it now which I bought instantly when I seen it. He spelt Shining as ‘Shinning’ so I don’t think it was seen much…

@becky - That’s hilarious! I had that happen once, too. I won an auction for a [Shining Magikarp (Awakening Legends)] for $2, thanks to a spelling error in the auction title (Japanese → “Japanesse”) x)

i have a 1st edition shining celebi and 1st edition shining noctowl lmk what you are will to pay